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AMA Cryptoiz x MetaXY !

AMA Cryptoiz x MetaXY !

Segment 1:

1.  Could you please introduce yourself first and share with us the background of MetaXY team?

Answer : I’m Jolie, CMO of Metaxy. I’ve been taking the role of Marketing Leader and involved in a variety of cutting-edge technology projects for 6 years now. With the motivation to produce a pioneering blockchain game that will utilize the next-generation of the Internet – the Metaverse, I have decided to join forces to develop Metaxy.

Guess it’s my turn now. My name is Lionel, CEO of Metaxy. I have more than 13 years working in the IT field and once had a chance to join a blockchain project in 2019. With the rising popularity of GameFi and my passion with games I decided to bring our team together to actualize our idea of developing a Blockchain game project – METAXY. Speaking of my team, I have to say I’m more than proud to have such a talented and experienced team. In the gaming field, we have Onegame Studio – a top company having millions of users using their game products on both iOS and Android. We also have an excellent advisor – V2B Labs with a solid background in blockchain technology and marketing operation.

Beside, we have a team of 30 members including Developers, Marketing , Blockchain team and Artwork Design. They have a great technological background and share the common goal of bringing the highest quality project to the public. With the joining hand of such qualified members, we believe that Metaxy will be the next exploding generation gaming project in the early future.

2. So our community are really excited with MetaXY, they even bought your pre-sale token. Can you share to us more about what MetaXY is?

Answer: So grateful to see such a massive support from the Indonesian community in the IDO event that just happened a few days ago! Without your support we can not come to such long way till today. Yes I would love to introduce to you guys our cherished brainchild – Metaxy. Metaxy is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired characters. Each game character comes with different appearances and unique fighting attributes that are developed over time along with the user’s experience. We aim to create a Multiverse where players can summon their favorite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens.

3. Please tell us more about the token utility..

Answer: The MXY token takes the most primary task of powering Metaxy’s entire gaming ecosystem and has many use cases and features, including: Staking: allows users to effortlessly earn $MXY with APR up to 75% in return. You can stake right NOW at:, It’s a really good deal for $MXY holders to earn massive benefits while waiting for the market to recover from this hard time.

In Game Participation: By owning MXY, players can use them as a tool for purchasing in game resources to quickly upgrade the character’s levels. Furthermore, MXY can be used as a key to enter higher levels in the game mode system or increase limited hit in each battle.

Trading on Marketplace: Players could use $MXY to buy their NFTs on the market to upgrade them. Vice versa, players can sell these NFT items to get MXY back.

And our Token is Burnable Token: In the long-run, Metaxy will have plans to implement a burning mechanism depending on the market situation. This mechanism will act as a significant benefit for $MXY holders and investors in the long-run, so if you have MXY now, just hold it.

4. What are the major milestones MetaXY has achieved so far?

Answer: Yeah, please take a look on our roadmap below for clearer demonstration:

By now, we have finished the first phase of the project roadmap and successfully introduced Metaxy to the public. We have initially achieved many milestones such as: Game Trailer release which had received enthusiastic support from our community and up to now it has reached over 150K views on Youtube. That’s such a fantastic achievement! We’re also building community with more than 110K members on Telegram and nearly 100K followers on Twitter and 7 local communities with large number of members. Also, We have done our fundraise successfully with many big partners such as V2B Labs, Creator, Onegame Studio, Oddiyana Ventures, GameStation, KoiStarter, BinStarter, DAOLaunch, Seedthrift, Maven Ventures, Kommunitas, Capital Launch, Solster, CSP DAO, and many more, joining to help us in both marketing and development. Currently, we are in Phase 2 (Q1 -2022). Our IDO has come to a successful completion with 30 million $MXY sold out in a few hours. We are currently pushing the marketing promotion for the Chest Sale event. It’s a special event when players can come to purchase their favorite NFT heroes with a very appealing price. We have released a second trailer to promote this milestone. Check here:

If you’re an $MXY holders, it is a absolutely great opportunity for you because if you stake $MXY, you will have chance to be in the whitelist for our NFT Chest sale event!!

Anyone interested in this event can check out on how to join Whitelist here:

We’re glad to receive tremendous care and support from our community. With the APR up to 75% in the first 2 months, it’s definitely good deal for $MXY holders to stake right away to earn befitting benefit!

For upcoming events, after closing whitelist registration, we’re going to hold our first chest sale event, and prepare for the Beta Release in around February. We will update more timely news and significant events on our channels.
Follow us to keep you updated!

5. Partnership is an important point, so can you list some big partnership you have now?

Answer: I’m so proud to introduce our backers and partners. First, we are backed by OneGame studio – the top game studio winning the FIRST PRIZE in the Huawei APAC Contest 2020. Metaxy is also incubated by V2B Labs, one of the pioneering blockchain incubators in Vietnam and backed by Creator – Top 50 Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. Also, we have form strategic partnership with more than 30 big names in the blockchain as well as NFT including: Gamestation, DAOLaunch, Oddiyana, Binstarter, Seedthrift, Maven Ventures, MoonWhale, Kommunitas, JLaunchpad, Capital Launch, Solster, CSP DAO, etc. They help us a lot in both development strategies and marketing activities. That will help to make us stronger and stronger.

Segment 2

  1. What sets you apart from your competitors? What makes you special compared to your competitors?

Answer: In this crowded GameFi field, we believe Metaxy will stand strong due to the following reasons: First, Metaxy is one of the pioneering NFT games in the fighting game genre that inspired by the original game-winning First Place in Huawei APAC Contest with 10M downloaded on GoogleStore, AppStore and millions of users, and with this new upgraded version, we will combine blockchain technology, a better user interface and especially the play-to-earn function, it will be more attractive for all users!!! Besides, I would love to share our outstanding points, it’s free-to-play, play-to-earn, and of course earn-for-real!! Metaxy provides you with free-to-play features which will allow players to have an initial experience before deciding to invest in it.

We also plan to utilize Metaverse in the game so that users can have a more immersive experience during playing time. And last but the proudest point, what makes us confident the most is that we have successfully penetrated the Japanese market. As everyone can see, Japan is a golden mine of NFT but many NFT game projects have failed to join Japan market due to not enough reputation or quality. But, we’re already made it and are getting a lot of support from VCs as well as Japanese communities! Hope those points can gain the trust of our beloved community .

2. Is $MXY token already listed on any exchanges to buy? when will be listings done?

Answer: Yes $MXY has been listed on PancakeSwap and Coinmarketcap – two of the most popular platform in the world. So you can now trade $MXY on Pancakeswap by swapping the pair BNB/MXY. Snap to it and get yourself $MXY tokens, guys! PancakeSwap: And you can also query $MXY information in Coinmarketcap:, That’s very motivating 🙂.

We are planning to list $MXY on some other prestigious CEX, and will reveal them soon so keep following us for the latest update!!

3. How we can bought the Characters? is there any NFT box sales? How to upgrade our Characters? can we use MXY to make our characters stronger?

Answer: All NFTs will be displayed on Mirana Marketplace. There will be an NFT Chest sale event on Marketplace occurring in the beginning of next month. This is a special day when collectors can summon character cards by buying chests at a very attractive price. And these priceless chests will be available for everyone! The whitelist registration for NFT chest sale event has been opened for a while. After 2 days of opening, we have received over 30K registrations from our community. That’s amazing numbers shows the strong support from Metaxy’s lover. If you have not register, do it now by this instruction: After owning your characters, users can use Gold (in game Coin) and Soul, which is bought by MXY tokens to quickly upgrade the character’s levels and maximize levels through the evolution process (evolvement).

4. In Metaxy have players the opportunity to get conversant with the gameplay mode through the use of the four free gaming characters. But the downside to this is that by using these free characters, players can’t earn rewards, which means that players have to commit to spending in order to get any form of reward. May I know why this model is primarily adopted?

Answer: We offer the free-to-play functionality with 4 free characters for players to choose one from. We want to make sure that users can have prior experience with gameplay because we know that investing an initial fee without knowing how to play and the finance-related opportunities of the game will make many gamers hesitate. By that free character, players can earn ingame coins which can be used to upgrade character’s level.

5. Is there any skill difference between characters in METAXY game? What are the skills of Zigu Ultra, Ninja, Zaru SF3, Izgo, and Ozaku characters? 

Answer: Of course, we aim to design our characters’ system in which each character has its own unique skill. In fact, characters will have their own Special Skill and Ultimate Skill in the game. Let me list out some interesting skills for you.

1, Zigu Ultra
Special skill: Crimson Aura
Ultimate skill: The Friendship Power Bomb

2, Ninja
Special skill: The Great Fox
Ultimate skill: Summon Great Fox

3, Zaru SF3
Special skill: Hegemony Ambitions
Ultimate skill: Belly Shield
4, Izgo
Special skill: Piercer Of Sky
Ultimate skill: Death Aura
5, Ozaku SF1
Special skill: Great Ape
Ultimate skill: Final Shot

And so that everyone can better understand the skills in the game, let’s watch a demo video below.

Segment 3: Quiz


  1. When is the opening and closing date of  Whitelist for Chest Sale? Answer: @Troybalmeow 1PM UTC JAN 25 – 1PM UTC FEB 5, 2022
  2. What is the total Chest Box quantity? Answer: @nguyenben 2720
  3. How many $MXY and $CTR that  users have to stake at least to be able to join Private Pool? Answer: @Kannaa21 Stake at least 1000 $MXY into 60-day locked pool or 120-day locked pool or Stake at least 1000 $CTR into 90-day locked pool or 180-day locked pool
  4. How many people with the highest staking amount will be chosen for a whitelist slot? Answer: @Naazze7 100 users
  5. What is the highest staking APR (annual percentage rate) in the current Staking Feature of Metaxy? Answer: @Josephsin27 75%

Here is Metaxy’s official channels:
Telegram ANN:
Telegram Global:

Disclaimer : Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto. is not responsible for profits and losses arising from investment decisions.

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