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AMA Cryptoiz x Gamium!

AMA Cryptoiz x Gamium!

Segment 1

1. Could you please introduce yourself first and share with us the background of your team?

I’m Alberto, one guy from Spain that loves technology since a very young age. I graduated from Engineering and Mathematics and started working on programming and AI jobs. My web3 journey started first as an investor but after that, I started programming smart contracts and learning more about the crypto ecosystem.
Finally, after this long time, I decided to form a team to start Gamium 😊

2. Please share what Gamium is and share to us what the highlight of Gamium that put it aside from it’s rival?

Gamium is the center of the metaverse! We are building technology to make assets and avatars multi-metaverse compatible. More specifically we are building a digital identity that can be used across all the metaverses and a virtual world to allow everyone build whatever they want.

Differently from the other projects, we really are focusing on the social aspect of web3 and the metaverse. We are focusing on human digital interactions like nobody else.

3. Please tell us more about $GMM


GMM is the governance and medium of exchange token of Gamium.
Depending on the $GMM stake, users will access a wide range of extra functionality inside Gamium, such as Avatar governance, Metaverse governance, Launching and managing community-owned cities, Applying for specific Metaverse jobs, Receiving exclusive NFTs, or token airdrops.

4. What are the major milestones Gamium has achieved so far?

We have BUILT:
-Building an amazing community (+40k members) #GMMarmy
-Built an amazing KOL network(+100M followers)
-Building a unique solution for digital identity (AGE coming soon)
-Built the first Avatar app (will be launched with the AGE, you will love it)
-Building the first Decentralized Social Metaverse
-Building the best LANDs of the entire crypto.

Our upcoming events are:
-IDOs (Vent + a very big name we will reveal soon)
-Public sale
-LANDs sale first drop
-Avatar Generation Event (AGE) + first Avatar app

Separating these 2 tokens also helps to build a better and more robust economy in the Gamium Metaverse.

5. Partnership is an important point, so can you list some big partnership you have now?

We have very big names.

Some of our investors and partners include DAO Maker, Vent, Master Ventures, Unanimous VC, Venly, Metrix Capital, Magnus Capital, Peech Capital, ZBS Capital, RR2, Atesis Capital, Willyrex, Kmanu, GameRich, Healthy Pockets, Dustin Plantholt, Supra Oracle, Zoopa, Parachain Ventures, Mr Beast .. and many more.

They are providing us unlimited networking of KOLs, brands, advisors, top tier investors. Not only with top connections within the crypto industry, but also with celebrities from the traditional world. The lands campaign we will carry out will be closely linked to people you surely know.
They are all allin with the project! They really falled in love with what we are building.

Segment 2

  1. .What are the requirements for me to play Gamium, will we be able to play Gamium for free? Will there be an entry fee or a certain requirement, restriction for Gamium ? Will I need an NFT or $Gamium coin to play Gamium ?

Answer : The only requirement to use Gamium is to have an Avatar – digital identity which is a special NFT that represents you on the digital space. The price for the Avatar will be very cheap and accessible for everyone.

2. My questions is that what are the utilities of this token that will make the community want to have it more which will increase the demand @albertorosas


As I said before, depending on the $GMM stake, users will have Avatar governance, Metaverse governance, Launching and managing community-owned cities, Applying for specific Metaverse jobs, Receiving exclusive NFTs, or token airdrops.

And more news we will reveal soon on our telegram ! Stay tuned

3. Does Gamium have any plan for launching staking programs? Will $GMM project have Burn Token or Token Deflation per buy/sell in near future?

Answer: Yes, actually we will have an amazing staking program launching very soon with very high APYs. And yes, we will have token buyback as well to make sure the token price is always high.

4. .noticed that “Gamium” has two tokens itself, $GMM and $MST, but I am not clear why they have implemented two tokens, what is the reason for this, can you explain what are the differences between the two tokens and what benefits each one provides to the community?


GMM is the governance and medium of exchange token while MST is the utility token of our Metaverse.

The reason to separate these tokens is that they have different utilities. GMM price will capture the success of the project as a whole, while MST will reflect the inside economy of the Gamium metaverse. So think of MST as a kind of dollar inside of the metaverse.

Separating these 2 tokens also helps to build a better and more robust economy in the Gamium Metaverse.

5. Gamiumcorp is fantastic and good idea and each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story, problems, difficulties, that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great platform like Gamiumcorp?

We started this project for multiple reasons, being the first one that we are entrepreneurs that love to create products that are used by a lot of people.

Secondly, we don’t like a lot of things on current social platforms TikTok, Instagram … and we knew that by integrating web3 and embracing the metaverse we could improve a lot these platforms, to the point that these apps will be obsolete.
So we started working on it, brainstorming, approach, hiring team, programming, building a community, and just like that after 8 months of hard-working we are one of the hottest IDOs. We really believe that the tech we are developing will change the world, and we are ready for that!

6. How is the Gamium is different from any other Metaverse project. Can you tell some points. Which make it different from others ?


-Focused on the social aspect and social features.
-LANDs with real utility.
-Native economy and monetization.
-Ecommerce integration, you can shop with one click.
-A place for builders and dreamers.
-Identity data, so way more functionality.
-Amazing partners and influencers.
-Realistic environment.

7. So i was reading your whitepaper i see their Metaverse monetization section. Can you expalin what is Metaverse monetization ?


Metaverse monetization is the way we are going to monetize the metaverse as a company. Like any company, we have to generate revenue and have a good business model.

The metaverse is a trillion dollar market, and we are ready to be one of the big players there!

8. I’ve read that we can have our own lands on Gamium. How will the lands be sold? How are land prices determined in the sale of lands?


LANDs are one of the keystones for creators and dreamers inside the Gamium Metaverse.

The LANDs will be sold in drops, starting for the Island 0. Few LANDs will be available for sale, at very good prices compared to other projects. We want every builder, community, brand to build experiences on their LANDs.

9. Who is your targeted customer? Besides Blockchain users do you have a plan for non-crypto users too? If yes how can you attract them or what is your plan to attract them?

Answer: We are planning to onboard everyone, but as many projects we will be focusing first with crypto customers. We are working on onboarding non-crypto users as well, through very intuitive UX that will eliminate the complexity of dealing with tokens.

10. Like the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model, Gamium economy potentiates what they call Socialize to Earn (S2E), so can you explain How this “s2e” work’s in Gamium? How can a user earn from s2e model in Gamium?


Socialize to Earn is a very easy concept to understand. Right now, everyday you are interacting in these centralized social media platforms, without receiving money in exchange, but these interactions are making this platform useful and valuable, so your interactions have value, for the platform and for society in general.
So we needed to design a mechanism to extract these value and give it to the users, that’s why we are developing the socialize 2 earn monetization model, to give the value back to the users.

At the end we are building systems that quantify the interactions of the users and reward them depending on this interaction and the whole interactions of the platform as a whole. We want to build a fair, but also economic stable system. We will reveal an economic paper with more details soon.

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