Ama Recap Cryptoiz X FxRumble

Ama Recap Cryptoiz X FxRumble

📅Date : Mei, 9th 2023
⏰Time : 12PM UTC
⛳️Venue :

💰 Reward $500

Segment 1

  1. Can you introduce yourself to our community ?
  2. What is FX Rumble itself can you describe more ?
  3. What your marketing activity before launch the tokens ?
  4. Where you hold the token sale for public investor ? and when we can buy
  5. Why investor could use your platform and whats your current competitor ?


Segment 2 Twitter Questions:

Q: I think you know that for the prosperity of an project the community is the best and strongest point, so I want to know, What are the plans of #FxRumble to develop well working, strong and best community?

A: We are well aware that a strong commitment with the community is the key to a successful project. At Fx Rumble we will encourage the community to partecipate in the growth and improvement of the project, with several rewards campaigns, like create content for the Fx Rumble School like articles, webinar, shring strategies and especially create new tournament formulas, suggestions about how to distribute the prize pool in different ways etc.

Q: Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will project reach non-English local communities. Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you have any plan to develop project in different language?

A: We have already created the Fx Rumble Ambassador program, to spread the project world wide. Our Ambassador will help us to communicate in the most effective way with our players, and they will also have the chance to create their own tournaments getting a percentage of the earnings, they can organize their events, webinars etc. To enter the program you can write an email to

Q: In FX Rumble It will be possible to play also on Forex and indices and in the future also on the main American stocks. What are the characteristics of the banking system of the DAPP FX Rumble? What are its advantages and benefits?

A: Yes Fx Rumble will offer the chance to play on cryptos, forex and indexes. We have a partnership with the italian company Traderlink, that will provide data directly from LMAX Broker, so potentially we can offer a huge range of markets, included the american stocks.
Regarding the Banking System we have a partnership with Stripe and we will lay on their Treasury Service: this will guarantee the fastest and safest deposit and withdrawals.

Q: Many of the existing games in today’s crypto space have high barriers to entry, high entry fees, difficult for many crypto users to access. My question is, in #FxRumble is it also necessary to pay an entry fee to access the game? If so, how easy is it to access the game?

A: This is something I really care about, so I must say that Fx Rumble is absolutely open to everyone, there are no entry fees. The account is free and the user will only pay the fee for the differerent tournaments. The basic fee start from 100 FXRUMBLE or 1 TETHER, so everyone can afford it. Besides, we also offer monthly free tournaments called Rumble Satellite. In this tournament all the user can partecipate for free and the winners will earn the chance to enter the Rumble Monthly Tournament for free. Also, most of the Fx Rumble School content will be for free, while only courses with professional traders or special webinars can be subscribed for money.

Q: I read that users must undergo KYC verification before they can get signed up on
, so my question is, which company have you partnered with that is responsible for this kyc verification? Is this KYC verification available for investors from Africa?

A: You are right, our user will have to complete the KYC, that is anyway a simplier and easy to pass procedure just providing a valid ID DOC like passport id card or driving license. We have a partnership with Sumsub that we consider the best company in this field, with great percentage of approved applications. I can confirm that KYC verification will be available for investors from Africa

Segment 3 Live Binance Questions:

1. Can you introduce yourself to our community ?

I’m Marco Tosoni the CEO and founder of Fx Rumble. I had experience in the banking field where i start to learn about the financial markets. Back in 2009 i quit my job in the bank to become a professional trader and few years later i decided to enter the italian forex contest: after i won many of that, i came with the idea of Fx Rumble, in order to make contest recurrent, faster, funnier and assure that the user will have the chance to learn in a pleasant way and get the necessary knowledge of the financial markets.

  1. What is FX Rumble itself can you describe more ?

We define Fx Rumble as the gamification of trading, so we can say that we are a “learn and earn” trading game. We believe that the reason why most of the investors and traders lose money on the market is the lack of knowledge and a proper training in demo, before the beginning of the investing and trading activity, so we have created a game that will be able to make the learning and training activity enjoyable and exciting.

  1. What your marketing activity before launch the tokens ?
  1. Is an ambassadors program where people can enroll as ambassadors and help their friends and family to become pro traders by joining our ecosystem
    We already have more than 100+ applications for the same and will be announcing them soon
  2. We are launching a Trader workshop where we would be teaching new traders about trading and how can FX rumble be a catalyst in their growth as a trader
    We hare collaborating with various web3 and web2(adoption) influencers to use their audience as our workshop students
  3. We are launching a referral campaign for anybody having An audience and wants to monitize their community- they can earn upto 5% of the amount of each transaction made through their link

And and and there is alot more in store .. stay tuned

  1. Where you hold the token sale for public investor ? and when we can buy
    The token sale will take place on PInksale from tomorrow may 10th for one week. Afterwards from 24th may Fx Rumble will be on Zelwin for another week.
  2. Why investor could use your platform and whats your current competitor ?
    I can say that we currently don’t have a real competitor: in this very moment all the other trading game are basically a portfolio simulator without the chance to earn significantly. Fx Rumble on the other hands will offer several tournaments some for professional and some for gamers who wants to enjoy fast contests and feel the adrenalyne rush…Besides with the Fx Rumble School we will help our users to acknowledge the financial markets, the different strategies and the money and risk management so i can proudly say that nothing like Fx Rumble exists

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