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Ama Recap Football World Community x Cryptoiz

Ama Recap Football World Community x Cryptoiz

Date : Mei, 28th 2023

Time : 01.00 PM UTC

Venue :

Total Rewards $100

Segment 1

Q1 : Could you briefly introduce about yourself to our community ?

Q2 : Before we talk about your project , i want to know the WEB3 and how the sport industry elaborate with curent tech from your perspective

Q3 : Can you let us know what is Football World Community ?

Q4 : What development you have done so far since Feb 2022 ?

Q5 : In AMA community will wait good news or clue , do you have something to share with the community before we jump to 2nd segment ?

Answer Venue :

Segment 2 Twitter Questions

1. Safety is the component that matters most to an investor. For cryptocurrency users, the last few months have been difficult due to huge projects going sour, being manipulated, or unintentionally losing user money. How secure are you then? Have you audited the platform yet?

2. What are the project’s current and long-term most ambitious goals?

3. Usually, Play-to-Earn game favors those who have upgraded, leveled and purchased large amount in-game items leaving those new players behind of them. How would #FootballWorld fairness and equality to its players? Do the skills of the players matters more than the character?

4. $FWC token is launched to help holders buy club tickets, book hotels, buy giftcards, vending machines (POS machines). Can you briefly about these usecases? Do users need to pay a fee for every transaction? How much is the fees?

5. What is the biggest challenge you face currently in terms of becoming a successful project ?

Answer Venue :

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