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Trend Analysis and Predictions for Bitcoin (BTCUSDT) on the Daily Timeframe September 2023

Certainly, here’s the information with the symbols removed: First, let’s discuss the recent important event: Bitcoin has been undergoing corrective movements within a descending channel for over two years. Recently, Bitcoin completed five upward waves within this descending channel. By breaking the uptrend line, we confirmed the end of the main wave 5. Currently, Bitcoin […]


PayPal Revolutionizes Crypto Landscape: Seamless Conversion, Surging Holdings, and New Leadership Unveiled!

PayPal Dives Deeper into Crypto Services PayPal is making bold strides in the world of cryptocurrencies, expanding its services beyond the introduction of crypto on-ramps (allowing customers to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency). Now, the company has unveiled a fresh offering that allows users to convert their crypto assets into fiat currency, creating an off-ramp […]

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Cryptocurrency Liquidity Landscape: Uncovering the Key Players

Since the FTX collapse, we have been closely monitoring cryptocurrency market liquidity and producing regular reports to help everyone understand it better. Today, we have a new report focusing on the concentration of liquidity across different cryptocurrency exchanges. This is important because as market participants dwindle, regulatory measures tighten on exchanges, and trading volatility decreases, […]

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Cara Melakukan Copy Trade Crypto Di market BingX

Manfaat dari copy trading crypto secara singkat adalah: Namun, perlu diingat bahwa copy trading juga memiliki risiko, dan hasil masa lalu dari trader yang diikuti tidak selalu mencerminkan hasil di masa depan. Penting untuk melakukan riset, mengelola risiko, dan memahami sepenuhnya bagaimana platform copy trading berfungsi sebelum memulai. salah satu market crypto yang menyediakan fitur […]


Kolaborasi Strategis Antara Curve dan Binance: Mendorong Pertumbuhan Ekosistem Keuangan Terdesentralisasi (DeFi)

Hai, sahabat milenial! Ada berita seru nih dari dunia investasi yang perlu kamu tahu. Binance Labs, yang merupakan cabang inkubasi dan modal ventura Binance, baru saja mengumumkan komitmennya untuk berinvestasi sebesar $5 juta dalam Curve DAO Token (CRV). Nah, apa sih itu? Tenang aja, kita bakal bahas dengan gampang dan asyik! Curve dan DeFi: Membangun […]

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Coinbase Drops Epic Ethereum Magic! Base Layer-2 Network Unleashed Is This Crypto’s New Game Changer? Check It Out Now!

Hey there, fellow crypto enthusiasts! 🚀 So, guess what? Coinbase, yes, the big crypto player, just went all-in with a super cool move. They’ve unleashed Base, a total game-changer Ethereum layer-2 network! And hold up, it’s like the first of its kind from a public company. 🤯 Is this the dawn of a crypto revolution? […]

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Revolutionizing Blockchain: Aptos Labs and Microsoft Forge Pioneering AI-Blockchain Partnership

Aptos Labs and Microsoft Unveil Landmark Partnership, Showcasing the Fusion of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Blockchain Innovations Aptos Labs, a trailblazing blockchain developer, and Microsoft, a stalwart champion of A.I. advancements via OpenAI, have synergistically united to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration – the Aptos Assistant. Empowered by ChatGPT, this pioneering chatbot is engineered to provide […]