Spot Copy Trading on BingX

What is Spot Copy Trading BingX Spot Copy Trading allows copiers to copy the spot orders of traders by setting up a margin applicable for each copied trade ensued. It is a great tool to free copiers from monitoring the market and automatically copy the trader’s buy and sell signals to complete the trade. Spot […]

Altcoin News

Critics Raise Concerns Over Gitcoin’s Shell Partnership: Is It Truly ‘Greenwashing’?

Open-source crowdfunding platform Gitcoin has announced a green-focused partnership with oil and gas giant Shell – and crypto pundits are no fans of the move. Shell will help develop “open-source climate solutions” through donations to Gitcoin’s grants program, and a Q4 hackathon “focused on blockchain-related energy use cases,” according to a press release from Gitcoin on the matter. […]

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Coinfest Asia akan Dihadiri Lebih dari 3.000 Peserta dan 100 Pembicara Terkemuka di Web2 dan Web3

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Coinfest Asia 2023 by Coinvestasi akan hadir pada 24-25 Agustus di Jimbaran Bali. Di edisi keduanya, Coinfest Asia akan menjadi penghubung antara industri web2 dan web3 untuk menciptakan industri web3 yang lebih tangguh.  Acara ini diproyeksi dapat mengumpulkan lebih dari 3.000 peserta, dengan mayoritas berasal dari luar negeri. Ini menjadikan Coinfest Asia […]

Crypto News

South Korean Police Arrest 312 in Crypto-powered Drug Trading Busts

South Korean police are stepping up their crackdown on crypto-powered drug trafficking, and have made 312 arrests in a wide-sweeping narcotics bust. The broadcaster KBS reported that the arrests were carried out by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation. The suspects were charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act. Police said the suspects were thought to have bought […]

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Streamlined Returns: Apple Pay One-Click Returns to MetaMask Via Banxa

Apple Pay, with its expansive user base of approximately 507 million worldwide, has increasingly gained traction as a preferred method for acquiring crypto on self-custody wallets like MetaMask. Traditionally, utilizing Apple Pay on other platforms required users to navigate multiple steps and redirects to third-party platforms. Banxa, however, brings a game-changing development by making Apple Pay’s […]

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Researchers Deploy AI to Uncover Crypto Giveaway Scam Schemes on Twitter

Researchers at San Diego State University have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system to detect and expose cryptocurrency giveaway scams on Twitter.  Dubbed GiveawayScamHunter, the automated system has identified a staggering 95,111 scam lists created by 87,617 accounts on the social media platform between June 2022 and June 2023. By using GiveawayScamHunter, the researchers were able to extract website and […]

Binance Hot Topic News Regulation

Binance Makes Historic Move as First Licensed Crypto Exchange in El Salvador

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has become the first fully licensed crypto exchange in El Salvador.  In a Tuesday announcement, the company said it has been granted a Bitcoin Services Provider license (BSP) by the Central Reserve Bank (Banco Central de Reserva) and the first non-provisional Digital Assets Services Provider license (DASP) by the National Commission […]

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Blackberry Cybersecurity Division Identifies Top Crypto Malware Amid Soaring Digital Asset Attacks

The cybersecurity division of Blackberry, a former smartphone giant, has highlighted the most notorious malware families targeting cryptocurrencies. In a ‘Global Threat Intelligence Report’ published Thursday, between March and May, Blackberry stopped over 1.5 million cyberattacks, that hit the finance, healthcare and government sectors hard. “During this reporting period, BlackBerry telemetry observed a continuous trend […]

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Ukraine’s Game4Ukraine Soccer Match Utilizes Metaverse for Fundraising

Besides the real-world event, Game4Ukraine, a charity soccer match announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, will also be played at a virtual stadium for the metaverse visitors – featuring exclusive perks.  The celebrity match will take place on August 5 at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge in London. “This match will be like your Panini sticker album coming to life,” said the website, referring to the […]