Crypto Exchange FTX Founder Barred from Blaming Legal Counsel in Opening Trial Statement, Judge Rules

Judge Lewis Kaplan issued an order stating that Bankman-Fried’s emphasis on implicating FTX’s lawyers in certain company decisions carries the potential to confuse or prejudice the jury. The judge expressed concerns about the risk of confusion and unfair prejudice to the government if the defendant were to focus on the presence or involvement of lawyers […]


XRP Lawyer Receives ICBLA’s Freedom Award on Behalf of XRP Defendants

John E. Deaton, a prominent lawyer representing XRP defendants, was honored with the Defender of Freedom Award by the International Congress of Blockchain Legal Advisors (ICBLA). This award recognizes Deaton’s exceptional dedication to defending the rights of XRP holders. Deaton expressed his gratitude for the award and highlighted the collective effort of the XRP community. […]


Taming the Wild West of Cryptocurrencies: SEC’s Gary Gensler Unveils New Regulations and AI Insights

SEC Chair Gary Gensler is preparing to discuss the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) updated approach to overseeing technological advancements, including cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence (AI), in front of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee. Gensler’s opening remarks for the hearing on September 27 have been made available, shedding light on the SEC’s expanded regulatory […]

Bitcoin News

Unlocking the Future: How AI and Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Could Revolutionize Global Payments

Former Facebook executive and co-creator of Diem, David Marcus, is exploring exciting opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Marcus, now the CEO of Lightspark, a startup focused on developing enterprise payment solutions using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, believes that real-time payments have vast potential across various industries worldwide. In a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano, Marcus discussed […]


The Global Bitcoin Billionaire Trend: Only Six and Counting

According to Henley & Partners’ 2023 Crypto Wealth Report, approximately 500 million people worldwide have invested in cryptocurrencies, but only 22 individuals, a tiny fraction, have amassed assets exceeding $1 billion. As of June 30th, there were roughly 210 million Bitcoin investors globally, with an even larger group of 425 million holding various cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s […]


ASIC Sues Australian Crypto Exchange Kraken for $13 Million Losses

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) has initiated legal action against Bit Trade, an Australian crypto exchange that offers services through the US-based Kraken platform, due to alleged non-compliance with financial regulations. ASIC oversees financial services and consumer credit in Australia and has accused Bit Trade of failing to meet the design and distribution […]


Anti-CBDC Bill Gains Momentum with Support from 60 Congress Members

In a significant development, the House Financial Services Committee has successfully passed the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act, a bill aimed at preventing the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Representative Tom Emmer, known for his support of decentralized cryptocurrencies, announced on social media that the legislation had received approval from the […]

Market Analysis

Optimism Foundation’s $157 Million Token Sale: A Strategic Move for Treasury Management

According to an announcement on the Optimism (OP) website, the foundation behind the layer2 blockchain Optimism recently conducted a significant token sale, generating $157 million in revenue by selling 116 million OP tokens to seven distinct purchasers. This token sale was a planned and deliberate event. The foundation characterized this token sale as a private […]

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