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Bitcoin and Toncoin: Riding the Crypto Wave – What’s Fueling the Surge?

In exciting developments, Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a significant surge today (20/9/2023), with its value soaring above US$27,200. This increase follows a previous high of over US$27,400. Meanwhile, another cryptocurrency, Ether, remains stable at around US$1,640. Bitcoin’s Surge: What Does It Mean? The rise in Bitcoin’s price has caught the spotlight, particularly as it coincides […]

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Rise of the Crypto Underworld: Criminals Abandon Mixers for Cross-Chain Bridges Amid Crackdowns

Cybercriminals have been shifting away from cryptocurrency mixers towards cross-chain bridges at an accelerated rate over the past year, as reported by blockchain forensics firm Elliptic. According to Elliptic’s data, in June and July, nearly all stolen cryptocurrencies were funneled through cross-chain bridges, marking a complete reversal from the first half of 2022. In a […]

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Increasing Profits with Crypto Staking: Get to Know Innovative Applications to Reach the Best Potential

In the ever-evolving crypto world, there are many ways to optimize the returns on your crypto investments. One increasingly popular method is crypto staking, where you can earn rewards by storing and validating transactions on the blockchain network. What is Staking? Staking is locking crypto assets into a blockchain network to earn passive income without […]

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Encouraging Web3 Adoption in India, Algorand Foundation Announces Education Program for Students!

Reporting from Cointelegraph, recently the Algorand Foundation announced several partnerships in India, including collaborations with schools to develop educational programs to help develop Web3 in the country. What is Algorand doing to drive Web3 adoption in India? Check out the full news below! Algorand Foundation Collaborates With 2 Universities To Launch Web3 Education Program. According […]

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Montenegro Central Bank Partners with Ripple to Develop CBDC

Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Dritran Abazonic, has announced that the country’s central bank is partnering with Ripple to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The country’s Prime Minister had reportedly met with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Vice President James Wallis while in Davos, Switzerland for the recent World Economic Forum. The country currently has no national currency of […]

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Minister of trade: Some of Bappebti’s Duties on Crypto Issues Are Transferred to OJK

The task of monitoring crypto assets by the Commodity Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) will later be mostly transferred to the Financial Services Aithority (OJK). This is related to the existence of Law Number 4 of 2023 concerning the Development and Strengthening of the Financial Sector (PPSK Law). “This transfer is an effort by the government […]

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How to Read Crypto Transactions on Etherscan? Explained!

Etherscan is a block explorer and crypto analysis platform. The tool allows users to monitor and examine the crypto assets, balances, and transactions on the Ethereum network. Etherscan makes it simple to engage with smart contracts and check gas prices. The Ethereum foundation does not provide funding for Etherscan, which is an independent organization. The Ethereum blockchain is mostly […]

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Apa itu Testnet dalam Dunia Cryptocurrency?

Testnet adalah akronim dari test network, yakni suatu jaringan eksperimental di mana pengembang dapat menguji, membuat, bahkan memodifikasi fungsi serta memantau kinerja jaringan blockchain. Testnet umumnya bertujuan untuk memastikan perbandingan yang akurat, mengambil risiko, menemukan model terbaik, serta memastikan terbentuknya mainnet secara lebih cepat. Masing-masing jaringan blockchain pastinya memiliki metodologi pengujian, standar, alat, dan sertifikasi khusus agar dapat menguji jaringan kompleks dalam skala besar […]

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Trade Expo Indonesia 2022, Pegiat Web3, NFT, Metaverse Dan Kripto, Ikut Ambil Bagian.

Perkembangan pasar global yang dinamis menyebabkan permintaan akan lebih banyak barang dan jasa di seluruh dunia. Untuk memenuhi kebutuhan yang berkembang ini, produsen bertujuan untuk menciptakan produk dengan keunggulan kompetitif untuk memenuhi permintaan pasar dan dipromosikan melalui strategi promosi dan pemasaran yang efektif. Pada tahun 2021, kinerja ekspor Indonesia telah mencapai rekor angka melampaui kinerja […]

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