SubQuery Meningkatkan Pengembangan Game Web3 Immutable zkEVM

SubQuery, pemain dalam ekosistem blockchain, sedang membantu pengembang game Web3 terkemuka, Immutable zkEVM. Hubungan ini sangat penting bagi para pengembang dalam membentuk dunia permainan Web3. Rantai Immutable zkEVM melambangkan kemajuan revolusioner dan era baru untuk game Web3. Rantai zkEVM ini kompatibel dengan rantai EVM, terjangkau, scalable, dan aman seperti Ethereum. Ini mempercepat pengembangan game Web3, […]


DWF Labs Menjadi Pemain Utama dalam Ekosistem Game Blockchain dengan Investasi di MOBOX

DWF Labs, perusahaan digital asset market maker global dan perusahaan investasi Web3 yang serbaguna, kini telah melangkah lebih jauh dalam mendukung ekosistem game yang semakin menarik perhatian. Investasi strategis mereka di MOBOX, perintis dalam game Web3 dengan aset yang dapat beroperasi, menjadi langkah terbaru dalam pengembangan industri yang menggembirakan. MOBOX: Menghadirkan Revolusi dalam Dunia Game […]


Google Cloud dan XPLA: Kolaborasi Revolusioner dalam Dunia Blockchain Gaming

Google Cloud akan menjadi “validator sukarela” pertama di jaringan XPLA, yang merupakan inisiatif blockchain dari penerbit game terkemuka Korea Selatan, Com2uS. Keterlibatan Google Cloud ini menandai kolaborasi yang semakin meningkat antara perusahaan teknologi besar dan ekosistem kripto yang berkembang. Validator blockchain memiliki peran penting dalam memverifikasi dan mengonfirmasi transaksi untuk mendukung keamanan dan integritas jaringan. […]


Salus Unleashes Lightning Cat: Revolutionizing Web3 Security with Deep Learning

Salus, a prominent Web3 security company, has achieved a significant milestone by publishing its research in ‘Scientific Reports,’ a sub-journal of the renowned ‘Nature.’ The research paper, titled “Deep learning-based solution for smart contract vulnerabilities detection,” delves into the potential of deep learning in identifying vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Web3, often termed the decentralized web, […]


Bastion Welcomes Caroline Friedman as COO, Former Chief of Staff at a16z and Kraken

Bastion, a pioneering web3 startup simplifying user onboarding for businesses, has appointed Caroline Friedman as its Chief Operating Officer. Friedman, previously Chief of Staff at Kraken and a16z, as well as an Assistant United States Attorney in Major Crimes, transitions to this role after serving as the company’s Head of Operations since February. In her […]

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Bitlink: Revolutionizing the Crypto Landscape with Web3 Integration

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, innovation is key, and Bitlink is stepping into the limelight with its world-class trading platform. This November, the eagerly anticipated Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Binance Smart Chain Starter (BSCS) platform is set to take place, marking a significant milestone for Bitlink and its community. Unveiling Web3 Potential […]


MoonPay and Mastercard Unite for a Web3 Revolution: Enhancing Experiential Marketing and Trust in the Crypto Era

Mastercard has recently teamed up with the crypto payment platform MoonPay to delve into the realm of Web3 services. This collaboration aims to enhance the experiential marketing approach and establish novel connections with Mastercard’s consumers. The partnership, announced by MoonPay on October 25, will enable Mastercard to leverage MoonPay’s entire Web3 portfolio, which encompasses various […]


Web3 gaming maintained its top position in the dApp industry, but there were some challenges in the third quarter of 2023

The latest data from DappRadar highlights that blockchain gaming attracted even more users, with a notable 12% surge compared to the previous quarter. This positive trend signifies the growing interest in this innovative gaming space. Despite its ongoing popularity, Web3 gaming encountered a decline in market share for the fourth consecutive quarter, accounting for only […]

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Streamlined Returns: Apple Pay One-Click Returns to MetaMask Via Banxa

Apple Pay, with its expansive user base of approximately 507 million worldwide, has increasingly gained traction as a preferred method for acquiring crypto on self-custody wallets like MetaMask. Traditionally, utilizing Apple Pay on other platforms required users to navigate multiple steps and redirects to third-party platforms. Banxa, however, brings a game-changing development by making Apple Pay’s […]

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