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DareNFT AMA Recap

DareNFT AMA Recap

Segment 1

Host: Please introduce yourself before this AMA!🤩

Duke: Sure. My name is Duke, the CEO & Co-Founder of DareNFT. I’m very happy to be here today to share about myself and the project i’m running for. I have backgrounds in data sciences and researched quantum computers at Keio university, Japan. I’m also a serial entrepreneur and I have co-founded two start-up companies utilizing video conferencing technology since 2014. I have joined the blockchain space since 2017 after one of my best friend Victor Tran (Kyber Network CTO & Co-founder) succeed in his very big ICO back then. Then I and some of my close friends who are now DareNFT’s CFO, CMO make cryptozoom to seriously researched about the blockchain technology. After successes with utilizing state of art technology to real products, we now want to bring blockchain to mainstream with real applications.

Host: Thx! @Duke_DareNFT. Can you describe what’s DARE NFT? 🙄

Duke: Absolutely. DareNFT is the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for Digital Assets. We builds DareNFT to solve main problems of NFT 1.0. NFT 1.0 have many limitations, and it create barriers for NFT to go mainstream.

DareNFT has developed a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFT 1.0, which are:

  • Unrecognized benefits between NFTs
  • Unrecognized relationship between NFT owners
  • And hidden risks of NFT Ownership.

Our first product is DarePlay, the GameFi platform including a blockchain gaming launchpad for non-NFT games, alongside a launching IGO service, Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn marketplaces for in-game item NFTs.

We have had plans to move further with the derivative NFT content platform after our first product has been completely built and well positioned in the market.

Host: Can you describe what’s NFT 2.0 Use case? @Duke_DareNFT


We focus on 2 main use cases:

  1. NFT Marketplace for derivative works
    As you know, most of the internet contents are derivative contents instead of collectibles: song remixes, subtitled videos, edited images, learning contents, translated books.

Our protocol, NFT 2.0 can track origin of a derivative works and automate licensing process.
Creators are happy with this protocl because revenue streams of derivative works are well tracked through smart contract.
Also, rental model are suitable for derivative work rather than outright purchase.

Use Case 1 of DareNFT

You can check it for more details in our pitch deck at:

For use case 02: we build NFT market places for rental digital assets. As you know, rent-to-earn is a big part of the economics. Because big initial investment costs create barriers to entry market. Also, people want to monetize their unused assets by leasing.

Host: Whats your royalty incentivization?

Duke: Royalty incentivization is important part of the economy. It means the relationship between products.

As you know, most of things have relationship to each other. For example:

  • Works that are derivative from other works.
  • Game characters/Items are made from other characters/Items.

So, if we can create a relationship between digital assets, we can track and share revenue between authors of products when buyers make payment. Royalty incentivization makes the original author the willing to share their products (for monetization) and collaborate with other authors to create new derivative products. and the products can keep evolving and help all authors make more money.

Host: When DARE Nft platform going live?

Duke: In Q4 2021, we will launch DareNFT web application on mainnet. And in Q1 2022, we will launch DareNFT mobile application making the ease for all content creators and content renters & subscribers.

For more details, you can visit our website at: or read our pitch deck:

Host: Before we going to last Question in this segment kWould u please share all of social media Dare NfT mate?


ah sure. It’s here:

🔹 Website:
🔹 Telegram Chat:
🔹 Telegram Announcements:
🔹 Telegram Chinese:
🔹 Telegram Indonesian:
🔹 Telegram Vietnamese:
🔹 Telegram Japanese:
🔹 Twitter:
🔹 Medium:

Host: Whos investor that backed Dare Nft & what achievement that you get currently?

Duke: I will share the list of investors in the private round include Momentum 6, Kyber Network, Cosmos Gaming Hub (the 6th biggest validator in Cosmos Network), AU21 Capital, OneSoft (the leading studio game in Vietnam, 15th most popular game publisher in the global market), Basics Capital, X21 Capital, LuaVentures, Magnus Capital, Kardia Ventures, Black Mamba Ventures, Genesis Builder, TK Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, K300 Ventures, Kiwi Group, AV Star Capital, RADA, VBC Ventures, Onblock Ventures, Titan Ventures, Space Crypto Ventures, Black Ventures, Migoi, Bigcoin Capital, LD Ventures, and Mayor Capital.

Segment 2 (Questions from Twitter community)

@ShiellaShiety: We are currently in the boom of the NFT market, which revolutionizes all DeFi with its authentication features and indefinite value, do you think that the NFTs provided in #DareNFT will be able to compete and keep up with a market that is in full development?

Duke: That’s great question. That’s great question. We created the protocol to convert NFT 1.0 to NFT 2.0 at DareNFT. Make NFT 1.0 a rental, and promote the co-ownership model. To be clear, The DareNFT assists NFT 1.0 in being more liquid than it is now.
And, given the mix of NFT and liquidity, I believe we have a huge market to enter.

@nguyyeenn1921: It mentions that its token, DNFToken allows access to premium functions within its platform. What are these premium options?? Is it possible to do other actions without using these premium features?

Duke: oh, this is interesting question 😊 Imagine when you play games, some premium products in game must be purchased only by VIPs person or the person have something special such as: rare items Premium products in DareNFT are similar. You can only purchase some premium products with DNFT. It might be some rare items that comes from a gaming company that we have partnership with. We will share more about it on our channels. Join with us are our channel here to update more informations about DareNFT:

@Risky1000: Why Should i invest my hard earned money in dareNFT when i am seeing that many people lost money due to rug pull done by various Token , what unique feature you are offering me which going to protect my money and prevent these rug pulls?

Duke: We are in the process of auditing with Certik. After auditing our smart contract, the risk of rug pull will lower for you. And as you know, we are a longterm project. We will not and never do anything that hurts our community.

@jokowowbgt: How will you plan to build partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers and local project in each country to make the use of the token more global like investors from india,indonesia these countries?

Duke: Maybe you knew about our first product – the Dareplay. Dareplay will convert traditional games into NFT games. DarePlay will also convert in-game items into NFT property. DarePlay also offers a launchpad and IGO service, allowing these games to launch tokens and sell tokens to the community. Dare Play will provide a marketplace for NFT game exchange and the rent-to-rent model. DarePlay will allow NFT game users to bring up their items and exchange or rent-rent them based on their needs. With all these features, Dareplay will be the solid strategy for us to bootstrap the new game companies of any country. They’ve partnership with us, launch DarePlay in their platforms. And all remaining tasks are belong to us, we will help them to leverage their games into the blockchain world. Just want to share one more information about the Dareplay. DareNFT has received funding and is a partner with OneSoft, a large game studio in Vietnam that is ranked 15th among the world’s top game publishers. OneSoft’s traditional games will be the first NFT games available on DarePlay. You can read about DareNFT and OneSoft’s collaboration here:

@winmeifyoucan: I see that DareNFT uses AI-based plagiarism check to algorithm associated with confirmation on author’s network of NFT. How do you assure that this AI-based plagiarism check is reliable and dependable?Do you have any use-cases and evidences that it gives a good uses and services?

Duke: good question. I hope you are a fan of our project cause you understand deeply our project 😁 As you know, the AI-powered plagiarism checking software is not new. It builts around 5-6 years ago and it help students/judges to clarify plagiarism or not. you can read more about plagiarism-check algorithm here: And to be clear, we will use AI as a tool to help us. We will partner with the AI companies like VinAI (a big AI company in Vietnam to develop products)

Segment 3 (Questions from telegram commmunity)

User 1: Can you tell us about the background and experience of your project DEVELOPMENT TEAM,? And how will they carry out your project during the current pandemic?

Duke: As I previously shared above, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m CEO of DareNFT. I’ve worked in technology startups for ten years. I attended Hanoi University of Science and Technology before receiving a Japanese government scholarship to study quantum computing. I had many articles published in leading technology magazines during my studies and received a job offer from Microsoft after graduation. Our COO is Teddy Nguyen, my brother. He previously served as the Chairman and Co-Founder of Sotatek, a leading blockchain outsourcing firm in Vietnam. He is also a co-founder of Icetea Labs, a well-known crypto project incubator. Mr. Teddy has worked for a number of well-known Japanese and American corporations. Mr. Teddy’s close friend, CTO Thomas Nguyen, was a former CTO at Luxstay and Head of Solutions at Adayroi. He is also the CEO of Agile Blockchain, a leading provider of blockchain solutions in Vietnam. Victor Tran, Co-Founder of Kyber Network, serves as the team’s advisor. Mr. Victor (Vu) is Mr. Duke’s classmate and the inspiration for the entire DareNFT team to build this project. Mr. Thi Truong, CEO and Co-Founder of PolkaFoundry, Icetea Labs, and Redkite IDO platform, is also joining us. Mr. Thi was extremely helpful to the team in developing DareNFT’s strategy. You can find team information here:

User 2: Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread. Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently??

Duke: On the investor side, we have received investments from a number of well-known investment funds and venture capitalists, including Kyber Network, Cosmos Gaming Hub (6th largest validator on the Cosmos network), OneSoft, Momentum 6, Kardia Ventures, MoonWhale Ventures, Magnus Ventures, X21, AU21…. DareNFT’s latest weekly report can keep investors up to date: In terms of partners, we have a number of high-profile game projects that could become the first customers/users of DareNFT. OneSoft is both an investor and a key product partner, as are Planet Sandbox (an NFT game that recently completed a private sale with $1.5 million in total raised capital), Warena, Knight War, and Zitga (a studio with a big game in Vietnam). Many more strategic product collaborations will be announced in the coming months.

User 3: Can you give list 1-3 killers features of this PROJECT that makes it ahead of its competitors?
What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Duke: If I had to pick three of DareNFT’s most compelling features to make the project stand out, I’d go with. The first feature comes from the Dareplay. DarePlay will breathe new life into the NFT crypto ecosystem. DarePlay will assist a number of traditional games in joining the NFT, providing them with a complete package to create tokens and sell them to the general public, as well as a “service marketplace” for the exchange and renting model of game products.
The second feature is NFT Cloud Service (or NFT as a Service). If you want your app to be an NFT app but don’t know how to start or how to mint NFT. DareNFT infrastructure will help you with that. And the third feature is comes from DNFT token. The DNFT token serves as a lubricant in the DAO operating model. The DAO that governs the entire DareNFT protocol uses the DNFT token as its currency. DAO’s revenue originates from transaction fees for DareNFT-based NFT applications, which is then used to pay stakers, liquidity providers, and users discounts, as well as burn, which reduces traffic.

User 4: How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Duke: Community is important part of our project. Without you and everyone, our projects cannot be fulfilled. After launching the Dareplay, we have planned many campaigns to invite everyone come and join with us. Currently, we are preparing to launch our IDO on 12 Oct, 2021.

User 5: I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to #DareNFT project alongsides earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities ?I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to #DareNFT project alongsides earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities ?Many projects look great only on their whitepaper & Roadmap but facing a lot of difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end with failed. How does #DareNFT overcome every obstacle in its project development?Many projects look great only on their whitepaper & Roadmap but facing a lot of difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end with failed. How does #DareNFT overcome every obstacle in its project development?

Duke: We are welcome any developer that want to jump and support us. And yes, we will create some bug bounties and invite you to join. Please contact our team at [email protected].

User 6: Investors need to fully consider the current market volatility. With this in mind, what target audience are you pursuing?? Can your project change the entire market?? Will you create a magic??

Duke: Our team’s experience in this market has shown us that we cannot control or modify the entire market. What we’re doing is gaining the trust of the people involved in our initiative and establishing a foundation for long-term growth. We believe that long-term development will be characterized by steady growth rather than high volatility.

Disclaimer : Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto. is not responsible for profits and losses arising from investment decisions.

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