Give Your Own NFT Minting Experience, OpenSea Releases This Tool For Creators!

Give Your Own NFT Minting Experience, OpenSea Releases This Tool For Creators!

Today, February 3, 2023, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, has released the next phase of its Drops feature, releasing a suite of new tools for creators launching their collections in partnership with OpenSea. Wondering what the new tool OpenSea has launched for NFT drops creators? Check out the full news below!

In an OpenSea Twitter thread posting, they said that the first version of Drops offers an immersive experience to select partners who launch their collections on its platform. “Over the last few months, we worked closely with 20 amazing teams to build a best-in-class Drop experience that includes features like multi-stage minting phases, allowlist support, and storytelling elements,” said OpenSea. , reported by Coindesk, Friday, February 3, 2023.

The next phase of the Drops launch will give creators the tools to manage their own minting experience, including deploying smart contracts across all supported EVM chains, configuring drop mechanisms, personalizing landing pages, and much more. According to Coindesk, this feature will gradually be unlocked to select creators in the coming weeks. Interested partners can request early access to the toolkit online. As of the publication of this article, there is no information regarding when this tool will be opened to the public.

“Our vision was to develop this product so that anyone can easily deploy collections across any chain in OpenSea with an immersive and secure storefront, without requiring access to strong technical resources or expertise!” wrote OpenSea in its Twitter thread. OpenSea has been experimenting with personalized landing pages for dropping on its site, including new releases from omgkirby, CLOUDMACHINE, Probably a Label, and Anthony Hopkins whose NFT collections sold out in minutes. The personalized landing pages on the marketplace have videos, image galleries, details about utilities and project roadmaps. This NFT marketplace OpenSea has also caught the attention of creators and collectors for taking a firm stance in enforcing creator royalties, even going so far as to block certain marketplaces from not imposing royalties from the sale of NFTs that were originally printed on its platform.

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