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NFT-Based GameFi Now Much Interested, Says the CEO of Indodax

NFT-Based GameFi Now Much Interested, Says the CEO of Indodax

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies increases in the public eye, the application of other blockchain technologies is also increasingly widespread. Not only is NFT booming in Indonesia because of Ghozali Everyday, GameFi Play to Earn is now increasingly in demand, especially for gamers.

Indodax CEO, Oscar Darmawan said the concept of GameFi is different from games in general. Apart from the fact that Gamefi runs on blockchain technology, GameFi also has advantages, especially for game enthusiasts.

“It’s different from games in general that adopt the Pay to Play concept, where gamers who want to get weapons, items, features, skins, etc. have to spend quite a bit and pay for it using a credit card or other payment method,” said Oscar, in a press release. , quoted Saturday (6/5/2023).

He added, if these gamers play GameFi which adopts the concept of Play to Earn.

Game activists actually benefit because they get a number of rewards or bonuses obtained from increasing levels, gamers who are able to complete a task, or bonuses for winning a match. Gamers will get a nominal bonus in the form of crypto where the crypto can also be traded through crypto exchanges.

GameFi’s relationship with NFTs

GameFi itself is also related to non-fungible tokens (NFT), where there are many items that can be traded on the NFT marketplace such as OpenSea and others. Because GameFi is supported by blockchain technology, everything is quite transparent including ownership of digital assets where players can trace ownership of assets in the game.

“In 2021, when crypto is entering a bullish phase, the GameFi industry has great potential. Moreover, at that time many institutional investors have entered crypto. I predict that the potential for GameFi in the future is very large,” he said.

Perhaps even well-known game companies such as Sony, Activision, Electronic Arts, and others may enter the world of GameFi. “This is what makes the GameFi ecosystem more crowded and indirectly awareness of GameFi will also be wider,” concluded Oscar.

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