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Polygon Labs Lays off 20% of its Employees

Polygon partners with Salesforce for NFT-based loyalty programs

Salesforce’s partnership with the blockchain platform is another sign of the company’s investment in customer engagement using Web3 technology.

Software company Salesforce has partnered with Layer 2 blockchain platform Polygon for an NFT-based loyalty program, said Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Labs. “Salesforce will help customers integrate Polygon into its management platform to help customers build customer-based loyalty programs,” Wyatt tweeted Thursday.
The news comes after the software giant said on March 15 that it is expanding its customer services to include managing non-fungible token (NFT) loyalty programs. “Store real-time blockchain data from Ethereum and Polygon-sourced analytics into your CRM,” Salesforce said on its website for the Web3 platform.
Salesforce did not immediately return a request for comment. Loyalty programs can be beneficial for businesses. Repeat customers can generate about 40% of a company’s revenue, according to data from, a rewards program provider. In recent years, blockchain technology has been used to facilitate customer interactions and provide loyalty rewards. BlockFi and Gemini, for example, have announced that they will offer credit cards that offer bitcoin rewards. In 2022, Mastercard supported Upstart, a loyalty program based on NFTs, through its startup engagement program.

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