Trust Wallet Partners with Web3Auth to Simplify Web3 Onboarding Using Social Login

Trust Wallet, one of the largest independent and multi-chain custodial wallets, has announced a partnership with Web3Auth to allow users to seamlessly log in and access Web3 services using their existing social login credentials, in addition to other security factors. This collaboration marks another step towards improving user experience and accelerating mass adoption of Web3. […]


Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade is live, Unlocking $34 Billion in ETH

ETH withdrawals are now possible. The Shanghai Ethereum upgrade has been successfully implemented, enabling the withdrawal of staked ETH and effectively completing the network’s years-long transition to proof-of-stake. Last September, Ethereum successfully executed its much-anticipated merge event, which changed the way ETH is created and how transactions on the Ethereum network are validated. The upgrade […]

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Talkshow Sinergi Bersama Komunitas dan Para Pelaku Industri Blockchain, Crypto & WEB3

Jakarta – Kamis sore, 16 Maret 2023 berlokasi di kantor Kominfo Ditjen Aptika, Gedung Midpoint Place mendadak penuh pada jam 17.30 WIB. Ruangan sangat ramai dikunjungi oleh lebih dari 70 peserta tamu undangan yang saling berdiskusi dan sinergi kolaborasi para pelaku dan komunitas Blockchain, Crypto & WEB3 saat awak media ikut menghadiri undangan resmi pertemuan […]


These 5 Countries Lead the Adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has the potential to increase the productivity, security and transparency of many industries, thereby reducing costs and improving the customer experience. Therefore, countries are investing in developing and using blockchain technology to address different social and economic problems. Launching Cointelegraph, written Monday (13/3/2023), El Salvador emerged as a global pioneer in adopting blockchain […]