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Ukraine’s Game4Ukraine Soccer Match Utilizes Metaverse for Fundraising

Besides the real-world event, Game4Ukraine, a charity soccer match announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, will also be played at a virtual stadium for the metaverse visitors – featuring exclusive perks.  The celebrity match will take place on August 5 at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge in London. “This match will be like your Panini sticker album coming to life,” said the website, referring to the […]


McDonald’s Hong Kong works with The Sandbox to provide the Metaverse Experience

McDonald’s Hong Kong collaborated with The Sandbox to create McNuggets Land, an immersive Web3 experience to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNugget. Reporting from CryptoNews, Tuesday (25/7/2023) this metaverse world offers users an in-depth journey through hidden factories and a tour of McNugget history. McNugget Land also offers quests and challenges for gamers looking […]


Hong Kong Police Launch CyberDefender’s New Metaverse Platform

The Hong Kong Police’s launch of CyberDefender’s new Metaverse platform marks a significant step in leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance law enforcement capabilities. The Metaverse platform is a virtual environment that integrates various tools, data sources, and analytics to support police operations and combat cybercrime effectively. In this new Metaverse platform, Hong Kong Police officers […]