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Solana: Phantom Wallet Now Supports Ethereum and Polygon Chains

Phantom is a cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension that utilizes the Solana blockchain to facilitate the management of digital assets and access to decentralized services. Through the wallet, users can engage in various activities such as purchasing, sending, receiving, transferring, and exchanging tokens and NFTs. It is accessible via both mobile devices and web browsers and […]

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Impact of Crypto Market Turmoil, Polygon Labs Laid Off 100 Employees

Cryptocurrency service company Polygon Labs announced termination of employment, after merging several divisions in early 2023. Polygon Labs laid off 100 employees or nearly 20 percent of the total employees. The layoff decision was taken because the company was experiencing a crisis due to turmoil in the crypto asset industry. Global crypto asset capitalization will […]

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Polygon Labs Lays off 20% of its Employees

Polygon Labs is the latest cryptocurrency company to lay off employees and hop on the layoff bandwagon. Cryptocurrency prices did indeed start off better in 2023, as most of them saw double-digit increases. However, the majority of tech behemoths and cryptocurrency companies started firing employees in preparation for an impending recession. Just in 2023, major […]

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Mastercard Announces Music Artist Accelerator Program on the Polygon Blockchain

One of the largest payment processing institutions in the world is delving into Web3 in a brand-new way. MasterCard has announced a music artist accelerator program on the Polygon blockchain. The development was orchestrated to help up-and-coming artists utilize the power of Web3 in their careers, according to a Polygon press release. Moreover, the announcement was slated with […]


Tether Resmi Bеrgаbung dеngаn Ekоѕіѕtеm Blockchain Pоlуgоn

Tether (USDT) yang merupakan Stablecoin terbesar bеrdаѕаrkаn kаріtаlіѕаѕі раѕаr, ѕеkаrаng dіdukung pada blосkсhаіn Pоlуgоn (ѕесаrа resmi dіѕеbut Mаtіс). Vаluаѕі раѕаr USDT hаrі іnі аdаlаh USD 72,6 miliar dаn volume реrdаgаngаn ѕtаblесоіn аdаlаh USD 59,15 miliar dari vоlumе perdagangan global USD 106,34 miliar pada hari Jumаt (27/5/2022). Tеthеr USDT Stablecoin Sеkаrаng Di-host dі 11 Jaringan Blockchain […]

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Cream Finance Mengumumkan Integrasi Dengan Polygon

Cream Finance akan meluncurkan market uang pada solusi Ethereum layer 2 Polygon. Dalam pengumumannya, Cream mengatakan menggunakan Polygon, yang memiliki nilai total $8,64 miliar terkunci dan akan menghasilkan kecepatan transaksi yang lebih cepat, fee gas yang lebih rendah dan akses ke market tambahan bagi penggunanya. Pada saat peluncuran, pengguna Cream baru dapat meminjam 10 aset digital, […]

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Polygon Akan Luncurkan Avail Dalam Pengembangan Blockchain

Polygon akan meluncurkan Avail, jaringan blockchain dengan tujuan umum untuk chain mandiri, sidechains, dan solusi Layer-2 lainnya. Polygon mencatat bahwa Avail akan menyediakan data yang sangat mudah tersedia, dan dapat mencegah data encoding proof menggunakan erasure coding dan polynomial commitments untuk membuat skema tersedia di data dua dimensi. Avail merupakan jaringan blockchain yang diarahkan untuk […]