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Vision Game AMA Recap

Vision Game AMA Recap

Segment 1 – Question from Cryptoiz

Host: Can you please introduce yourself to our community?

Cristian: Absolutely! Nice to e-meet you everyone! My name’s Cristian Esposito, CEO of VisionGame, and I’ve worked in the traditional gaming industry for more than a decade now, first as a programmer, later wearing tons of hats out of passion, all the way to game designer, director and higher, helping startups and Fortune 500 delivering compelling experiences for mobile and desktop. My involvement with the blockchain industry began in 2017, working for a former blockchain gaming company, which at the time made me realize all the possible shortcomings that developers might face in this industry, hence the idea for VisionGame.

Host: Please kindly tell us briefly about Vision Game and what makes it different to other project?

Cristian: VisionGame aims to help gaming companies develop the industry standards of tomorrow through a series of tools that ease up development, simplify users onboarding, and help studios achieve the funding they need directly through the fans that love their products, thanks to a next-gen Crowdfunding portal.
What differentiates it is not only its scope, that aims to serve development teams similarly as a traditional publisher would, but also its approach, aimed not only at the die-hard enthusiast of the blockchain industry, but to all gamers and developers in general.

Host: After talking about Vision Game, I’m wondering who’s the team behind Vision Game? Would you share us their background and experience as well?

Cristian: Sure! I’ve already shared a bit about me, essentially being a traditional gaming industry veteran, but the expertise that my teammates bring to the project is more than fundamental.

Serhii Yolkin, our CTO, has developed several assets for the Unity Asset Store reaching the top in their category, used by Google and Moon Studios (developers of Ori and the Blind Forest, a Microsoft Exclusive). He’s also developed the tech behind Ballast VR, a VR system for acquaparks, and in general he’s always on top of the latest, exciting technology.

Youngsung Chong, our CMO has been an advisor and consultant to various blockchain projects. His marketing experience has been a tremendous asset to a mostly technical and creative team like ours, and we’re currently preparing more and more content to attract and excite our community as we approach our IDO and first product release.

Aside from the core members of the team, we’re rapidly expanding to deliver the first alpha release of all our products, and to form a dedicated game development team that will be able to aid projects in the technical aspects they might have the most trouble with.

Host: Do you guys have token? What is it called? Is it on the market already? And can you let us know about the token utility?

Cristian: We sure do, and it’s called VISION. It’s not yet on the market (our IDO is set for early February of this year). As for its utility, it depends on the product. In VisionOffering, VISION can be exchanged for any brand token, with 0% transaction fees, making it the most convenient way to support a project.
In our SDK, it’s used as fuel for the networking features (real-time multiplayer, for example), and we’re still exploring some of the possible usages based on the final list of features our SDK will support.

Host: Can you share a little bit about how to join VISION Ido?

Cristian: We’re currently working with a few partners to make our IDO happen. We aren’t yet at a stage where we can make a full announcement (all things planned in due time), but by following us on our social medias you’ll be able to know at the earliest all the details you’ll need to be a part of it!

Host: Do you already have projects that on board with Vision Games? Please kindly share us!

Cristian: We’ve been in touch with several potential projects right from the start, to help us not only ensure that we’ve identified all the possible hurdles that the industry is facing correctly, but also to gather feedback on what we might be missing that could prove fundamental to developers, and thanks to that our project has quickly grown in scope and ambition, together with our certainty that it’ll be definitely useful for developers worldwide. We aren’t yet ready to share any announcement related to it, but as our products launch approaches, we will share more informations on the first set of projects we’re set to help and collaborate with.

Segment 2 – Question from Communit

Host: What is the main vision of visiongame?

Cristian: VisionGame aims to bring the traditional game publisher experience to the blockchain gaming market, becoming the partner that not only helps projects through launch and raising funds (through our crowdfunding platform, VisionOffering), or aids with development (starting from our VisionSDK), but that provides the know-how and knowledge built in decades to help teams bring to life engaging and exciting new experiences.

Host: The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. How can “#visiongame” bridge this to attract more traditional players to try new blockchain-based games? What’s your plan to expand the adoption of your project to the traditional gamers?

Cristian: It starts by increasing the level of engagement and fun that those games can provide to users. A great game is going to be loved no matter the market or platform it’s released in. We do that by providing the knowledge and expertise necessary, while taking the burden of some of the technical and business aspects that a game development team has to go through, allowing them to focus on what they do best. We’re also providing new ways to onboard users, starting with our single sign-on process.

Host: You say that VisionOffering takes away the uncertainty by allowing fans to support projects early on, without committing to particular in-game items, yet, are fans allowed to report the negative outcomes of the development of early projects? How do you support the fans’ feedback?

Cristian: VisionOffering itself supports community features directly into the webapp. This means that users are able to comment and discuss about a project, in complete autonomy. Developers are also able to pitch in, and provide updates. Our process aims to ensure that each project we help, has solid foundations and a great chance not only to launch, but to do so at its best. We believe the communities that will be built around each project, directly on VisionOffering, will be a great source of direct feedback for the teams launching with us.

Host: What are the main products in your project’s ecosystem? What do customers get when using the products?

Cristian: We have 3 main products, and a plethora of additional services that go along with them. It starts with the VisionSDK, our set of developer tools built to simplify the approach and the access to existing technologies, provided by Enjin and Solana, later expanding rapidly to other popular solutions. Next, VisionOffering, our crowdfunding platform, moves away from the concept of launchpads by being more akin to solutions like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, implementing community built-in features, as well as brand tokens, our solution to allow companies to provide a multitude of rewards, not just NFTs. Lastly, our VisionWallet allows us to simplify some of the onboarding processes that the market is currently known for. For example, through the single sign-on process, users will have to go through the onboarding process of one of the games within our ecosystem only once, to be able afterwards to immediately access all the other games within it.

Host: At VisionGame you believe that the barriers set up by Blockchain Games are meant to be destroyed so Traditional Gamers can enjoy the gameplay experience first and foremost, yet, what are the elements of VisionGame that help you overcome those barriers?

Cristian: It’s mainly what we bring to the table as seasoned game developers and designers from the traditional industry. We understand what traditional gamers want, and we know we can help shaping the games of the future to attract them. Our tools alleviate some of the burden that comes with development and business growth, so that teams can focus on areas that were too often overlooked. It’s a journey for sure, there’s no single solution out of the box, but we believe that it starts with a more open approach that aims to leverage what has made the blockchain gaming industry so successful, while opening up to a more traditional approach for the production itself.

Host: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Cristian: Absolutely. Right from the start we approached some teams to understand if the hurdles we identified and that we are trying to solve, resonated within other players of the industry as well, and the response has been more than positive. We immediately strived to implement some of the feedback right off the bat, for example changing the architecture of our SDK to support multiple blockchains (although we will still start from Solana for our first release), for example.
Our ideal consumers are game development teams looking for guidance and help getting to the market with a product that surpasses the expectations of the public, and that raises the bar for all the projects to come afterwards.

Host: What do you think is the most unique thing you brings to the blockchain community? How is it better than other platforms?

Cristian: We bring a fresh approach within all of our products, detached from being solely focused towards a blockchain audience, by taking down the entry barriers both technical and purely linguistic. For example, VisionOffering is a crowdfunding platform, not a launchpad, not only for the more familiar term to whoever isn’t particularly invested in this market, but for its more approachable nature and objective overall as a product.
We don’t consider ourselves better than other platforms, but different, in the way that we’re setting up our products and goals to expand the market, not just to thrive in it, right from the start.

Host: Will Vision can support the every startups that will shape up the future by aiding them raise funds, implement novel features, and make it easier for new users to enjoy their products?

Cristian: Exactly 🙂 That’s our goal. As sort of a blockchain gaming publisher, we aim to aid startups throughout each step of development, from planning, all the way to market, while advising on the best ways to bring out the most of their talent, and attract the biggest userbase possible. We want to be the best partner possible both for the traditional gaming companies looking for help navigating this new industry, and for the blockchain gaming companies that might require assistance to develop more compelling experiences.

Host: does your project use other network like eth, bsc or others, or use your own network?

Cristian: Starting with our VisionSDK, we didn’t want developers to bet on the success of a new proprietary technology. Instead, we wanted to leverage already established and exciting tech, and make it more accessible and dev-friendly, even for teams that might lack the know-how and skill sets required to develop on the blockchain. So we leverage solutions like Enjin or Solana (and later on, Avalanche, Fantom and more), to empower developers and give them a choice that poses no limitations based on what they’re trying to achieve.

Host: I would appreciate it if you could share the next updates with us. What is the most ambitious goal of the project?What should the community look for?

Cristian: Right now we’re working tirelessly towards the alpha release of all our products (definitely our most ambitious goal right now), within Q1 of this year, so definitely, look forward to that! Our IDO is currently planned for Early February, and we’ll be able to share more about our partners soon. As always, stay tuned, and once again, you can follow us for updates at:

Telegram (Group):
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