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Alaska Gold Rush $CARAT Whale Hunt — 50M Burn Incoming

Alaska Gold Rush $CARAT Whale Hunt — 50M Burn Incoming

We’ve got some sizzlin’ news for y’all — Alaska Gold Rush is about to set off on a whale hunt, with another amazing $CARAT token burn event takin’ place next week! We’re committed to creating a sustainable and balanced in-game economy for all our players, and this token burn is another step in the right direction.

50 Millon $CARAT Token Burn

Now, we can’t spill the beans on whose VC fund tokens we’re burnin’, but what we can tell ya is that they were bought back at a favourable price. By removin’ these tokens from circulation, we’re aimin’ to increase the scarcity of our precious $CARAT tokens and doing it big time — the total supply is down by 5%.

In the past, we’ve conducted several token burns: 14.1 million from private sale tokens, 4.5 million from public sale, and another hefty 20 million from public sale. All told, that’s a grand total of 86 million tokens burned, which comes out to almost $1.5 million USD at the current market price. We are talking aprox. about 20% burn of the $CARAT circulating supply.

Direction CARAT Whales

We reckon that our dedication to maintainin’ a healthy in-game economy shines through these strategic burns. By reducin’ the circulating supply of $CARAT tokens, we’re workin’ hard to ensure that it remains an attractive asset for investors and players alike.

So keep yer ears to the ground for updates on our Whale Hunt and the upcomin’ $CARAT token burn event. We’ll make sure our Alaska Gold Rush community stays in the loop with all the latest developments and milestones as we continue to grow and evolve.

For now, y’all best get your pickaxes ready and your survival gear packed, ’cause the icy lands of Alaska are callin’ your name. And remember, every decision you make in Alaska Gold Rush affects our game’s thrivin’ economy, so make sure to stake your $CARAT, too!

Happy prospectin’, partners!

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