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“Robinhood Goes Big on Shiba Inu: What’s Up with Those Trillions of Tokens?”

In a bold move amid the recent ups and downs in the cryptocurrency market, the US-based trading platform Robinhood has significantly increased its holdings of Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens. Despite Shiba Inu’s native token experiencing a drop in value, Robinhood has added over 800 billion SHIB tokens to its portfolio. Robinhood’s SHIB Holdings Reach Trillions […]

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Cryptocurrency Liquidity Landscape: Uncovering the Key Players

Since the FTX collapse, we have been closely monitoring cryptocurrency market liquidity and producing regular reports to help everyone understand it better. Today, we have a new report focusing on the concentration of liquidity across different cryptocurrency exchanges. This is important because as market participants dwindle, regulatory measures tighten on exchanges, and trading volatility decreases, […]

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Revolutionizing Blockchain: Aptos Labs and Microsoft Forge Pioneering AI-Blockchain Partnership

Aptos Labs and Microsoft Unveil Landmark Partnership, Showcasing the Fusion of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Blockchain Innovations Aptos Labs, a trailblazing blockchain developer, and Microsoft, a stalwart champion of A.I. advancements via OpenAI, have synergistically united to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration – the Aptos Assistant. Empowered by ChatGPT, this pioneering chatbot is engineered to provide […]

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BRICS to Announce Memberships of New Nations at Summit, Citing Major Shift in Global Order

The BRICS alliance, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is set to make a historic announcement at the upcoming summit, signaling a significant shift in the global order. According to credible sources, the alliance is expected to unveil the addition of several new member countries to its ranks, expanding its influence and reach […]

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$BTC / $USD – Late Night Update: A Closer Look at the Market Structure

As the cryptocurrency market continues its rollercoaster ride, Bitcoin ($BTC) remains in focus for traders and investors worldwide. In this late-night update, we’ll delve into the lower time frames of the BTC/USD pair to gain deeper insights into its market structure and potential targets. Bearish Market Structure: Taking a closer look at the lower time […]

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Crypto Market Update 31 July 2023 : Bitcoin – Huge alt-season is starting!

Bitcoin dominance is experiencing a downward trend, coupled with a period of sideways price movement, signaling the potential for a substantial altcoin season. This article explores the current market dynamics and suggests that now is an opportune moment to consider investing in altcoins. We’ll analyze Bitcoin’s price pattern, discuss the implications of the rising wedge […]