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The populous country would benefit greatly from taking advantage of the abundant renewable energy available. Governor of the Indonesian Province of West Java, Ridwan Kamil and prominent Bitcoin global advocate and JAN3 CEO Samson Mow, revealed in a fireside chat titled “The Indonesia Bitcoin Mining Campaign” that the government of Indonesia is researching various ways […]

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Ama Recap EMG x Cryptoiz

Cryptoiz gonna live #AMA with #EMG on@binance Live Date : Mei, 16th 2023 Time : 01.00 PM UTC Venue : Reward $100 Segment 1 Q1 : Could you briefly introduce about yourself to our community ? Q2 : Before we talk about your project , i want to know the WEB3 things from your […]

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Ama Recap Cryptoiz X FxRumble

📅Date : Mei, 9th 2023⏰Time : 12PM UTC⛳️Venue : 💰 Reward $500 Segment 1 Can you introduce yourself to our community ? What is FX Rumble itself can you describe more ? What your marketing activity before launch the tokens ? Where you hold the token sale for public investor ? and when we […]

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Ama Recap Cryptoiz X Obortech

📣 Cryptoiz gonna live #AMA with #Obortech on @binance Live 📅Date : 27th April 2023⏰Time : 27th April 1PM GMT+8⛳️Venue : 💰How to win $250 Worth of $OBOT segment 1 Can You Introduce Your Self? What do you think of the blockchain can take role in supply chain industry ? Can you briefly describe […]

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Battle of Guardians is Available on Steams Now

We’re thrilled to announce that “Battle of Guardians” is launching on Steam on April 7, 2023! Developed by Indonesia’s Miracle Gates Entertainment and incubated by Good Games Guild, this real-time online multiplayer game will revolutionize the gaming industry with its unique blend of PvP, PvE, and fighting tournament gameplay. Featuring an expansive Multidimension game world, […]

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World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Says Crypto Is ‘Really Dangerous’ but Can Be Useful for Remittances

The inventor of the World Wide Web, also known as www, which is often called the web, Tim Berners-Lee called cryptocurrency “dangerous” and likened it to gambling. Discussing the future of the web, Berners-Lee said digital currencies were only speculative and compared them to the dot-com bubble, where the internet stocks, often without a solid […]

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Crypto Exchange Coming June 2023 at the Latest

The Commodity Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) has again provided information regarding the development of crypto exchanges in Indonesia. This institution supporting the crypto asset industry ecosystem is planned to be present since 2021. Head of Bappebti, Didid Noordiatmoko, said the establishment of a crypto exchange in Indonesia is no later than June 2023. According to […]

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Spanyol Siapkan Dana Rp 132,5 Miliar Kembangkan Metaverse

Kementerian Kebudayaan Spanyol telah memutuskan siapakan dana USD 8,51 juta (Rp 132,5 miliar) untuk pengembangan video game dan pengalaman metaverse, karena kementerian melihat potensi nilai industri ini bagi negara. Program tersebut, yang saat ini dalam gelombang kedua, meningkatkan dana sebesar 700 persen dibandingkan dengan gelombang pertama ketika sedikit lebih dari 1 juta euro ditujukan untuk membantu perusahaan […]

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Alameda Research Jual Beberapa Token Senilai Rp 26,5 Miliar

 Beberapa token yang dipegang oleh bisnis perdagangan Sam Bankman-Fried, Alameda Research, dijual pada Rabu malam 28 Desember 2022 hingga jutaan dolar Amerika Serikat, karena para pendiri perusahaan menghadapi tuntutan pidana terkait dengan runtuhnya Alameda dan FTX. data on-chain yang dikutip oleh firma riset kripto Arkham Intelligence mencatat token senilai USD 1,7 juta (Rp 26,5) miliar dari dompet yang […]

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10 Peretasan dan Eksploitasi Kripto Terbesar Pada Tahun 2022

10:Beanstalk Farms exploit — $76M Protokol Stablecoin Beanstalk Farms mengalami eksploitasi $76 juta pada 18 April dari penyerang yang menggunakan flash loan untuk membeli token tata kelola. Ini digunakan untuk melewati dua proposal yang memasukkan kontrak pintar berbahaya. 9: Qubit Finance bridge exploit — $80M Qubit Finance, protokol keuangan terdesentralisasi (DeFi) di BNB Smart Chain, memiliki BNB senilai lebih dari […]