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Critics Raise Concerns Over Gitcoin’s Shell Partnership: Is It Truly ‘Greenwashing’?

Open-source crowdfunding platform Gitcoin has announced a green-focused partnership with oil and gas giant Shell – and crypto pundits are no fans of the move. Shell will help develop “open-source climate solutions” through donations to Gitcoin’s grants program, and a Q4 hackathon “focused on blockchain-related energy use cases,” according to a press release from Gitcoin on the matter. […]


Crypto-Enabled Solutions to Revolutionize Global Payments, According to the Ripple and FPC Report

According to a new analysis by Ripple and the Faster Payments Council (FPC), digital currencies are playing a critical role in the rapid evolution of the payments landscape. The potential of cryptocurrencies in the developing payments environment is examined in the report “Transforming the Way Money Moves.” The report stresses how swiftly the payments ecosystem […]


Santiment’s ‘Dolphins and Sharks’ Aggressive Litecoin (LTC) Accumulation

Key participants in the cryptocurrency market have noticed an odd tendency as Litecoin LTC prepares for its eagerly anticipated halving event on Wednesday. Traders with between $9.5K and $950K worth of LTC are actively expanding large interests in the cryptocurrency and are referred to as “whales” and “sharks.” This conduct indicates that these influential traders […]

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Dogecoin: Could DOGE Ever be a Top 3 Crypto?

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Dogecoin Foundation Board member Marshall Hyner said that DOGE could eventually be among the top 3 cryptos. Moreover, referring to the assets “memetic power,” Hyner laid out fairly comprehensive reasoning for his proclamation. Conversely, the market is still led primarily by the undeterred power of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). […]

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Impact of Crypto Market Turmoil, Polygon Labs Laid Off 100 Employees

Cryptocurrency service company Polygon Labs announced termination of employment, after merging several divisions in early 2023. Polygon Labs laid off 100 employees or nearly 20 percent of the total employees. The layoff decision was taken because the company was experiencing a crisis due to turmoil in the crypto asset industry. Global crypto asset capitalization will […]