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AMA Recap Cryptoiz x Creo Engine!

AMA Recap Cryptoiz x Creo Engine!

Segment 1

Warm up : Hello guys! Please introduce yourself and also the background of the CreoEngine Team.

Hey everybody! My name is Javier Tan, and I am the CEO of CREO ENGINE😇

I’m Darrel Wijaya, the CTO and Developer of the CREO ECOSYSTEM

  1. What sets CreoEngine Ecosystem apart from other Gaming platforms?

            Answer :

Javier : As I see it, a lot of gaming platforms, if not all, don’t have their own games or games studio, preferring to use a third party game studio. As such, they wasted a lot of time and capital. We have our own in-house gaming studio which enables us to create and innovate games for our own ecosystem.

Darrel : In our games, the strongest point you need to notice is our interchangeable NFTs, which we make to compensate for the need of each game. For example, the pet from Slime Haven can be bred, upgraded and sent to Evermore Knights to boost the player’s character to help clear the quests. In return, the materials from defeating monsters can be sent to Slime Haven as fodders to breed more powerful creatures.

Javier : As a gaming platform, we plan to welcome all game developers who wish to cooperate with us and list their games under our ecosystem. Of course there are certain rules and conditions that must be followed, such as staking our CREO token for a certain amount of time. We will also conduct a thorough research and audit of the developer’s game before accepting it. However, we don’t see other developers and platforms as competition. We view them as a chance of collaboration as in the blockchain world, to collaborate means to open new opportunities. 

Darrel : Also, we believe in creating welfare for our staff and partners alike. This isn’t just some games we’re making. Our true goal is to create a Financial Welfare System. (Please help elaborate more about the welfare system)

  1. What are the major milestones CreoEngine has achieved so far? And also tell us more about the token utility  

Answer : 

Darrel : So far, we have successfully developed the alpha version of our first game, the Evermore Knights and currently our in-house staff are developing it and also the second game in parallel as we sepak. We’re planning to show off our strongest point, which is NFTs interchangeability in near future once the playable alpha or beta version of the second game has been done. This is going to be the starting point of revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Javier : As for the token itself, we planned to use only 1 token to govern all our games and systems in the ecosystem, which is our own CREO token. CREO will be used for transactions in the marketplace to buy our NFTs, which range from weapons, armours and also lands. 

Darrel : For the land NFTs, they will be the source of resources within the games. (explain how the lands work and the division of resources available to them). Lastly, there will be only 160K of lands available for sale in the market. So potentially, this will generate a lot of revenue for the ecosystem.

Javier : we can also earn from the tokens from our partners will-be. As I mentioned earlier, we planned to make game developers stake CREO tokens for a certain time in order to enter our CREONIA. This is to ensure that our token stays scarce in circulation, thus helping to add more value to it. 

We also encourage the developers to mint their own utility token within our ecosystem. The minting itself will generate value to our CREO since they need to use it to mint their own token or NFTs.

  1. The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. How can “CreoEngine” bridge this to attract more traditional players to try new blockchain-based games? What’s your plan to expand the adoption of your project to the traditional gamers?

Answer : 

Javier : Personally speaking, I am a video game freak myself. I love to dabble in games, especially RPG, like what we’re creating now and also the Action genre. Names like Final 

Fantasy series, Tales, Legends, you name it. I’ve played them all. 

What makes me fall in love with these games, despite the graphics (since earlier PS games are struggling with those), is the storyline. Nothing beats playing a game with good plots and a variety of characters with different backgrounds.

As such, we aim to create a game that’s not only lucrative but also has long sustainability with a very good story. I mean, what’s the point to earn in a game if the game itself is boring right? I won’t last long in a game like that. 

Also, what we create here is actually a F2P game, not Pay2Play or Pay2Win. So those who are not an NFT game players can enjoy the game to some extent without worrying about spending anything and can also earn money from it.

Darrel : Conventional games have also given a lot to their players. Companies such as G2G, PlayerAuctions, Facebook (now Meta) have allowed their players to earn within their systems. (please give cases examples and elaborate more on the narrative about crypto in relation to this)

In our games, you don’t have to purchase NFTs to go along with the game. The matter is the game is set so the difficulty will increase gradually to provide some challenges for the players, especially hardcore RPG players. Also, traditional players used to play very high quality conventional games whilst a lot of crypto games nowadays possess low quality graphics and motions. (please continue from here man, I kinda lost words)

  1. What’s the story behind the making of the CreoEngine Ecosystem ? How did you come up with these ideas? Can you tell us more about your game?

Answer :


  • CREO means create, and we are open to new creations from various people. A solid ecosystem where all games contribute to one another, and not just individually. We want to create an ecosystem that isn’t just closed, but also open to all developers in Asia, and maybe the world.
  • I came up with these ideas simply because I realize that with the amount of products increasing, and with so much talents being unnoticed, we hope to create a banner, a unified entity where everyone has a voice, and where everyone can benefit off of each other in a good way, at least monetarily. Calvin and I came up with interchangeable NFT’s and assets in hopes of creating a worldwide healthy ecosystem of commerce and trade.
  • These games are made to showcase that interconnectivity, but also each game has a unique purpose to fulfill.
  • Evermore Knights = RPG Story Content
  • Slime Haven = Pet Game
  • Peony Ranch = Farming Game/Idle
  • Merchant Marvels = Idle crafting game
  • We are trying to showcase interconnectivity between all games.
  1. Which partnership is already onboard? Please share with us!

           Answer :

Javier : All the VCs on board have been announced on our website. We’ve been incubated by SKYX and DaoStarter. We also have Kommunitas, Traveller Capital, CuanB Capital and Phoenix Holdings.

Several discussions are ongoing with some Top Tier VCs, which we cannot disclose right now. But we will as soon as we sign the agreements.

For the Platforms, for now we got DaoStarter, KSM Starter, Kommunitas and STRT Button. More to come, of course. 

As for the Exchangers, we’ve got confirmation to list from some top 20 and top 30 global exchangers. Right now our aim is to list in top 10 global.

Segment 2

  1. Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future? 

Answer : Our total supply is 1 Billion Tokens. We are planning to burn the rests of the unsold tokens

2. What is the focus of this project? What are the advantages of this project over similar projects?

Answer : Our primary mission is to bring better welfare with our ecosystem. We’d like to think that the strongest point of Creo Engine platform is the interchangeability of assets in-between games that runs under Creo Engine

3. Many gaming platforms have recently emerged in the blockchain industry under the guise of playing games and making money. And they almost never have great gameplay or storytelling. What kind of gaming experience can we expect from #CreoEngine? Do you have a game development team with previous experience?

Answer : I have been a game developer since before Creo Engine, and you can find a game I made titled The Revenant Prince on Steam. I have a soft spot for RPG in my heart and a strong passion for making games. I believe, together with the developer team, we have the potential to give what the game community need, which is high-quality games, a fair system, and of course, a chance to earn real-world money off of playing games

4. When Alpha test for Evermore Knight release ? Where I can get the latest update or more information about the project ? is Evermore Knight game related anime ? what is creotizen ? what the benefit being part of creotizen?

Answer : The Alpha test was released back in the 25th of December, the game was still very bare bone and had been reported for bugs. It also didn’t have the full features implemented but contains, at a minimum, the core functions of the battle and gacha mechanism for investors to try.
Creotizen is the name of our community, by joining us you can enjoy all the games that run under our ecosystem and being a part of a massive ecosystems where assets have value in every game not just the one it’s from.

We also ensure that all the work done by players do not go in vain, we also are trying to really provide a watertight marketplace and we surely want you guys to utilize our products and our platforms so that in the future perhaps your hard work could also benefit other ecosystems as well in the long run we are expanding your horizons in this ever competitive crypto space

5. One of the main problem experienced by NFT lover using the NFTs platform is about the overpricing of NFTs in the market which is not scientific. So how is the NFT market price determined in your platform and solve the overpricing problem?

Answer : NFT in our games are all unique visually and statistically, and they’re all randomized by machine. We also set the floor price of NFTs since the beginning, as well as the maximum price. so for the market price, it’ll fall under one category; the rarity

Segment 3

  1. IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

No, Like we said, we are sincerely planning to ensure that players are able to work alongside one another in a mutual benefit dynamic.
This means that both rich and poor can easily benefit off of one another and its not one sided.

2. IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell ?

Answer :
Well the best part is even if the bear market does come we are working hard in ensuring our games are still relatively fun to play, even as a convential game all the same.

Sales and panic sales will happen, but we must ensure that our product still remains strong and upholds its integrity at all times.

3. Partnership is always an important factor for every project . So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Answer :

This one’s nice..
Yes, as you said partnership is very important in every business.
As such, we make sure to partner ourselves with Crypto-adapted Advisors, Top tier VCs and Launchpads/Exchanges.
We want to make sure our project has good sustainability and will be able to go for the long run.

4. Who is your project’s biggest rival? In the future, does your project have a plan to beat your rival or cooperate with them? I think that will be a huge step forward for your project.

Answer : No rivals, just pure and innovative collaborations. We, once more, are more inclined to working alongside are supposed rivals. collaboration is key in escalating growth overall

5. How can I do my research about your project? Do you have any whitepaper released and can you provide me all the social media links and blogs?

Answer :

Wow..really can feel the enthusiasm in this question!!
Sure..everybody are totally welcome into our CREOverse🌏
Stay tuned to our Social Media🔗

Website :
Instagram :
Medium :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Discord :

You are free to join Creotizen discussion on Telegram Group & Channel below 🔽 (please choose your region)
🔗 Channel :
🌏 Global :

Or access our Whitepaper below to know us better ✅
Creo Engine Whitepaper :
Evermore Knights Whitepaper :

Disclaimer : Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto. is not responsible for profits and losses arising from investment decisions.

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