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Ama Recap  EMG x Cryptoiz

Ama Recap EMG x Cryptoiz

Cryptoiz gonna live #AMA with #EMG on@binance Live

Date : Mei, 16th 2023

Time : 01.00 PM UTC

Venue :

Reward $100

Segment 1

Q1 : Could you briefly introduce about yourself to our community ?

Q2 : Before we talk about your project , i want to know the WEB3 things from your perspective

Q3 : Can you let us know what is EMG and Emeldi Group ?

Q4 : What development you have done so far for your Web3 Super app ?

Q5 : In AMA community will wait good news or clue , do you have something to share with the community before we jump to 2nd segment ?

Answer Venue :

Segment 2 Twitter Questions






Answer Venue :

Ikuti Cryptoiz Telegram group | Telegram Channel | Twitter/X

Penafian : Setiap keputusan investasi ada di tangan pembaca. Pelajari dan analisa sebelum membeli dan menjual Crypto. tidak bertanggung jawab atas keuntungan dan kerugian yang timbul dari keputusan investasi.

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