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AMA Recap MetaX & Cryptoiz

AMA Recap MetaX & Cryptoiz

Question From Cryptoiz : let’s first ask Alina Petrova to introduce herself and briefly introduce what kind of project MetaX game is?

Answer MetaX : is the only fully decentralized, slg-like PVP blockchain game based on ETH. It combines variance elements such as metaverse, Gamefi, DAO, NFI, etc.;
MetaX is the world’s first fully decentralized PVP game, based on interstellar IP, including interstellar teleportation and battle, interstellar battleship and NFT collectibles. MetaX is a metaverse of freedom and imagination.

MetaX is an infinite, infinitely possible metaverse world! Players can purchase and collect non-functional assets in the game, participate in Metax battles, and travel through the galaxy through the wormhole engine to explore new unexplored planets.

Players can colonize planetary territories, engage in interstellar warfare, and own NFT gear for a gamified DeFi experience. This will be the ultimate utopia for metaverse lovers!

Question From Cryptoiz : In the past two years, DeFi and NFT have developed one after another, which has also laid the foundation for the explosion of the blockchain game ecosystem this year. I would like to ask Alina, as a popular project on the ETH chain, what are the unique advantages of MetaX game compared to other blockchain games?

Answer MetaX : MetaX’s professional technical team provides players with a more open and free game ecosystem.

It relies on the Ethereum chain to realize a scalable and highly compatible decentralized game system. Players can freely use their imaginations according to the game settings and enjoy a truly decentralized blockchain game.

NFT token play the key role in the blockchain. The main features of blockchain are immutability and decentralization, which can give players and the market a truly fair game.

This prevents players’ game accounts from being stolen and protects their assets. At the same time, MetaX also has a DAO organisation

The right to how the game develops is handed over to the players themselves to vote and manage. This eliminates the possibility of traditional game makers changing the game according to their wishes.

MetaX pays more attention to the game itself, and has many interesting gameplays, such as the master system. Players can become a disciple of a godfather in the game. After becoming an apprentice, the godfather can get 1% of all the tokens recharged by the apprentice, and there are more new ways to play, which will make the game very interesting.

In addition to being beautiful, MetaX’s NFT is very closely related to MetaX games. You can improve the attack and defence power through different NFTs. In the future, NFT will have more and more props, so the playability of MetaX will become stronger and stronger. If you have more NFTs, then you can experience a more different gaming experience in MetaX games. NFT can be seen on the official website ( ) and Opensea.

Question From Cryptoiz : Considering that many new users have just learned about MetaX, can Alina tell you how newcomers should participate in the game and earn money? It is said that there are many special events during the beta period, can you tell us about it?

Answer MetaX : You can use X1 tokens to participate in interstellar adventures.The supply and demand relationship can make every X1 token in everyone’s hands be used reasonably. Free and open gameplay, incentive mechanism and professional technical support perfectly support the value of X1 tokens.

Through MetaX, users can exchange and freely trade tokens and equipment (weapons, imperial artifacts, defense gears, time-cooling items, councilor scepters, wormhole engines, satellite radio, etc.) around game-related applications. This can help create a complete value circulation ecology.

Question From Cryptoiz : The concept of DAO is very hot recently, and MetaX game itself is based on the governance model of DAO, and its tokens have no pre-sale and no private placement. How do you see the potential advantages of the combination of DAO ecosystem and blockchain games?

DeFi drives the development of DAO!

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community in the blockchain word. Its biggest feature is its user participation. The core rules and governance of DAOs are handled by smart contracts that allocate funds to participants to achieve organizational goals.

DAO has several characteristics: information transparency, token incentives, open source, community autonomy, community ownership and freedom.

Compared to traditional organizational forms, DAOs are more secure and stable because no one can control the entire organization. Because the DAO runs on permissionless decentralized blockchain technology, it is able to remain autonomous without outside interference. DAO accelerates the development of the metaverse

The DAO is a metaverse organization. The DAO ensures the orderly formulation and enforcement of rules, both of which are the cornerstones of the Metaverse system. The union of the DAO and the Metaverse is inevitable. The DAO is the most important organizational form in the blockchain world.

Any Internet user can easily join the DAO for global communication and collaboration. At the same time, users can also participate in the governance of the organization by holding tokens.

With the rapid development of GameFi, the DAO has enhanced the consensus on MetaX. At the same time, it can motivate players to provide liquidity to the project, increasing player engagement. At the same time, players also contribute to the DAO because players create value through their participation and add value to the DAO.

NFTs lay the foundation for the development of the gaming industry

After years of development, NFTs have formed some application scenarios, such as game equipment, digital art, event tickets, domain names, collectibles, encrypted artwork, and even physical assets.A common feature of these situations is that something of value is irreplaceable.

The rise of NFTs is actually a sign of the application and adoption of blockchain technology. This marks that blockchain technology is no longer a means of making a living, but a technology that improves life experience.
The NFT metaverse and DAO are the new frontiers of the future game industry. Blockchain gameplay is the new economy of future gaming systems.

MetaX can combine Gamefi, NFT and DAO. Players can take part in MetaX gaming adventures in a virtual world filled with digital and real assets. Therefore, users can truly participate and enjoy the game earnings (P2E).

Question From Cryptoiz : Like many famous blockchain game projects, MetaX game has always had a good background in the ecosystem. Can you share with you the current status of the team?

Team members and advisors:

CEO: André Fontaine
Chief Operating Officer: Davis White
Chief Marketing Officer: Soonhae Kim
Core developers: Aman Darwish, Kevin Clark
Graphic Designer: Anna Brown
Game Designer: Alexandre Lyon
Business Director: Yurri Lenkov
ConsultantLam: Carter

We want to create an infinitely possible, imaginative metaverse game!

Great! We have finish on first segment lets move on second segment the winners from Twitter

Winner 1 :

I heard that the project has been launched and has received many recommendations from KOL in the industry. It was loved by game users, and the number of users had exploded. Can you share this aspect with us? Can you share with us some data like community/public beta data?

MetaX-KOL’s best recommended game of the year, the MetaX public beta has been opened, participate in the public beta to win 65 ETH worth of NFTs!! Great P2E game launch! MetaX will be huge! The relevant MetaX gameplay introduction has been recommended by Kols, and you can learn about it first through the video.

Winner 2 :

Could you please share what is the economic model or Tokennomi of MetaXgame? How can players better participate in the game and earn P2E rewards?

Answer MetaX : You can play and earn through the free and open game system (lord system, item system, battle system, NFT item system…), players participate in more value applications of MetaX.

For example, the MetaX battle system: players can attack each other to capture each other’s rewards. As long as the attack power is greater than the defence ability, the attack can be launched. However, only players on the same planet can be attacked. Players will automatically return to their birth planet after being attacked.

This is the battle system. As the conflict becomes more intense, the determination to defeat the opponent grows stronger. This motivates players to own more tokens to buy NFT devices, which in turn consumes more X1 tokens, which is the most basic expression of the value of XI tokens.

X1 is a digital token of the MetaX ecosystem, based on Ethereum smart contracts, and is the only token in the MetaX ecosystem. X1 tokens can be used to purchase weapons, imperial sages, councilor scepters, wormhole engines, satellite radios. X1 tokens can be used for other functional settlements, transactions and smart contract execution.

X1 tokens have a fixed total supply and an effective reward mechanism to keep the game economic system stable.

On the other hand, it also inspires enthusiasm and cohesion among members of the entire gaming community. Users can use the token incentive mechanism on the MetaX platform to increase the stickiness of players. Other players showed off their achievements and growing assets.

X1 Token is a digital token. You can use X1 Tokens to enjoy benefits on the MetaX gaming platform (eg; Weapons, Imperial Sacred Weapons, Defense Gear, Time Cooling Items, Senator Scepter, Wormhole Engine, Satellite Radio, etc.).

.). With the development of the MetaX gaming platform, the rewards for users will increase, and the value of the X1 token has also greatly increases as well.

X1 tokens serve MetaX games, and players can develop and operate freely on the platform. Players can also get a territory system with special effects to achieve a win-win situation of interstellar ecological value.

Winner 3 :

Any Guild support program and could you share more info about the Guild program

Answer MetaX : If you can get powerful guilds from the metaverse to join the MetaX Game Guild Alliance, you will get:

  1. Limited Edition Starship and Interstellar Quantum Weapon NFT.

2. Priority for the public beta qualification for the new game on MetaX.

3. 5ETH Guild Development Fund.

  1. All promotion resources of MetaX Game, including more than 3000 media channels around the world. This can increase the guild’s exposure and publicity.
  1. Those who invite guild members or other new members to join the MetaX game can get high rebates.

Winner 4 :

How is the further plan ?what are the plans and deployments of MetaX game in the future?

NFT token play the key role in the blockchain game.

The main features of blockchain are immutability and decentralization, which can give players and the market a truly fair game. This prevents players’ game accounts from being stolen and protects their assets. At the same time, MetaX also has a DAO organization.

The right to how the game develops is handed over to the players themselves to vote and manage. This eliminates the possibility of traditional game makers changing the game according to their wishes.

Winners 5:

I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

do join us in social media to leanr more how to invest and earn inthe game!

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