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AMA With Recap

AMA With Recap

Segment 1

Host: Before we start, please introduce yourself @meovn 🙂

Meo: Firstly, welcome everybody who comes to our AMA event today. I am Tony Nguyen from Vietnam 🇻🇳 (Nickname Méo in Vietnam), the Founder – CEO of I worked in Information Technology specialized for 14 years. I worked in many positions in the past like developer, designer, team leader, PM… and a CEO of a hosting company in Vietnam. I got involved in cryptocurrencies in 2021 and now am Founder – CEO of the company that built

Host: What is MEO Tools?

Meo: As you can see from the heading and tagline on our website and every channel, is an all-in-one crypto ecosystem, the next tracking dashboard generation you have never seen before. We aim to build an ultimate combination between MetaMask, PooCoin, PancakeSwap, and Alert tool to only one platform including desktop, mobile, and app versions. We don’t promise much in the future, but all about the trending crypto feature like earning, farming, NFT, games… we will bring to our ecosystem shortly.

Host: What is Meo Tools Product?

Meo: I will tell a short story for this question. Crypto is a new-large world for everyone to research, discover and jump in. If you are a new person to crypto, you may need to research by yourself or need a person who will teach you how to do that. If you are a crypto trader-farmer-investor in a time, you can see many platforms that will help you to enjoy. They usually are:

  • Wallet: A place where you can manage all of your coins or tokens. The popular wallet is TrustWallet, MetaMask, or Coin98 Wallet… You can also swap or transfer your token to another with this tool.
  • Chart tool: A tool where you can view the chart of a token, the transaction of everyone in the world is trading with that token, the summary of that token (total supply, market cap, liquidity, website, social…). The popular chart tool is PooCoin, DexTools…
  • Swap tool: A tool where you can swap your token to another token (BTC <> BNB, BNB <> USD…). The popular swap tool is Uniswap (ETH), PancakeSwap (BSC)…
  • Alert tool: A tool where you can get a token price alert or wallet alert… The popular alert tool is TrustWallet, Binance… but most of them have just supported Altcoin or a famous token.
  • That is why our team wants to build a tool, first in the browser (desktop & mobile), mobile app (iOS & Android) later will have all of their features.

Please take a look on this image:

Host: Would you want to explain about Token Explorer and Token Tracker?

Meo: On this picture, the Token Explorer is on the left column. Include the top volume, gainers, losers, and new tokens. Search for any new tokens. Show all of the information we collected of a token. Also have the chart of a token. We are currently supporting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks. So that you can easy view the website, explorer, contract, community (Telegram, Twitter…), github… price, Total Supply, Market Cap of any tokens in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Meanwhile with The Token Tracker, you can connect to your wallet as another DEFI project. Show all tokens in your wallet or the wallet of everyone. You can choose any token in any wallet and add it to your watchlist to track easier. You also can add your balance mannually to manage your portfolio.

Host: Would you want to tell us about your token Alerting? and how it’s work?

Meo: We already have the current app. Although in the beta version, but the alert function already worked well. With the token alerting function, you can: never miss an opportunity with token alerting. Multiple alerting support apps (mail, Telegram, Slack, Skype, …).

This is the screenshot of the current app
And please see this screenshot on the mobile to take a look the alerting feature

Host: Please tell us about your tokenomic.

Meo: I will put a picture here from our whitepaper, it will be easier to see the tokenomic

🔹 Founder Wallet: 50,000,000 $MEO – Locked 100% in 6 months
🔹 Advisors Wallet: 25,000,000 $MEO – Locked 100% in 6 months
🔹 Dev Wallet: 50,000,000 $MEO – Locked 100% in 1 month
🔹 Research Wallet: 25,000,000 $MEO – Locked 100% in 3 months
🔹 Burn Wallet: 50,000,000 $MEO – Locked 100% in 1 month
You guys can check the transfer IN and OUT of the team.

🔹 Exchange funds 1: 100,000,000 – is locked 100% in 1 month.
🔹 Exchange funds 2: 100,000,000 – is locked 100% in 3 months.
🔹 Exchange funds 3: 502,759,000 – is locked 100% in 6 months.

The exchange funds will be locked again before expiring if we don’t need to use them. 80% of the LP also will be locked in 6 month.

Host: Would you want to tell us about Meo Token Sale?

Meo: We have the Private Sale and the Presale before launch. The number of tokens for the IDO is:

  • Private Sale: 400,000 MEO / BNB ~ $0.001148 USD
  • Pre-sale: 360,000 MEO / BNB ~ $0.001275 USD
  • Public Sale: 324,000 MEO / BNB ~ $0.001417 USD

Our token is 18 days old, all of the token from Private Sale and Presale were transfered to all members. We already x10 at ATH. We launched on PancakeSwap, on this URL: The current holders are 1,393, already listed on CG but was not listed on CMC. It means now is very early for all you us before mooning.

Segment 2 (Questions from Twitter Community)

@JohnHick23: On your website I can read that you are implementing a TOKEN EXPLORER & TOKEN TRACKER system. Can you explain more about this system? How do we track tokens in real-time? And can we select any token in any wallet and add it to the watchlist to make it easier to track?

Meo: Nice, the question directly to our app. When you connect to your wallet. You can see the list of the tokens in your wallet. And just easy to click the “+” button to add to the Watchlist – Portfolio

Then you can add the price alert for any token

@jhon_2390: I saw that many projects were unstable for a short period of time. At first they started with hard work & good attention, after a few months later they didn’t pay attention to this project. Then it ended there. how do #Meotools plan to survive in the market?

Meo: First, we already have product, not only idea. Second, we are preparing the new office and will update everything news to the community. One more surprise for your community. Please see the app with Indonesian language here:

@Drhanii4: Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your #Meotools project? Also, what are the Future Roadmap & Targets of your project?

Meo: Sure. As you can see the current app I mentioned before. That is the main point we achieved. This is the new version of our app, v.1.0.0, is implementing by our team, and will be released at the end of this month. Then we will implement the swap, and the stop loss function on Q4. And the mobile app on the next year (iOS and Android). You also can check the road map on our website and whitepaper. I will send all of our links at the end of the AMA today.

@Aman_8487: Liquidity pools are used to facilitate decentralized trading, lending, staking, and we have seen that Liquidity has become an integral part of many ecosystem. Many projects run into liquidity problems. What liquidity system will #Meotools use to increase the token value?

Meo: At the first time to set up the liquidity, we already locked 80%, want to be the best safety for our investors. We started building the LP from the begining, via tax. Currently, we charge 4% tax of every transactions to add to the liquidity pool. Beside that, we have 2% re-distribute to the holders. It means you just need to hold andget the token rewards.

@Iec_Ghram: I read Regarding your Tokenomic, that MeoTools charge 10% transaction Tax. I think this is very high.
So, why do you offer high taxes? Are there plans to reduce taxes in the future? And can you tell us, where will this transaction tax be distributed?

Meo: Amazing! We already changed the tax 2 times, 1 time before and 1 time today 😁. Please read more here: It means the current total tax is 7%, not 10% like before 🚀

Host: thanks! for the awesome answer. Before we going to 3rd segment which is last segment. Can u share all social media of Meo Tools?


🔗 Website:
🔗 Web application:
🔗 Whitepaper:–e1X6EKcrUxD/view
📃 Document:
🗣 Telegram – Official Main Chat:
🗣 Telegram – Official 🇮🇩 Indonesia Community:
🗣 Telegram – Official 🇨🇳 Chinese Community 中文官方群:
🔊 Telegram – Announcements:
🔉 Twitter:
✍️ Medium:
✍️ Reddit:

Segment 3 (Questions from Telegram Live Member)

Qi Wan: what is the vision of the MEO itself?. and what are the of partnership in this $MEO token project?

Meo: After complete the app version the next year, our purpose is to make logo and our products appear everywhere, in every country. So that we will do the partnerships with the exchanges, wallet, and the payment solution company. Then everyone can know and invest to our product by the easiest way.

Huu Huu: Would Meo Tools please tell a little more about the Meo Tools team members and some of their profiles? Because I have seen many projects kick-off with inexperienced team members and some of them don’t go well due to mistakes.

Meo: Thanks for your question. Time for my team. I already told about me at the first section.. The next member is Arsal Rajpoot – John Hickson. He is our Marketing Lead. He has 4 years experience in cryptocurrency and 2 years experience in marketing, already launched two projects by himself. The next member is Alicia Do – our Digital Marketing Executive. She is a Digital Marketing expert who work on advertising for a Crypto project for more than 2 years. She would manage’s content marketing, paid ads on Youtube, Twitter and make sure it goes on smoothly. She never limits herself by anything and is ready to help our project fly to where we deserve.

We also have the STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS from Indonesia and China. Most of the team was doxxed on the Linkedin link and video chat before also. You can see all of us on the whitepaper and website.

Thuy Hien: If a competitor emerges today offering the same services as Meo Tools, what will Meo Tools do to keep your project and stay relevant?

Meo: The competitor is the must-be-have in the market. If don’t have the competitor, we can not make our product better 😎. As I mentioned before, after complete the app version the next year, our purpose is to make logo and our products appear everywhere, in every country. It means we will do the marketing with our best, to bring our product to everyone, as much as we can. And always improve, integrate more and more features for our product. More and more competitors, we will be stronger for sure.

Femi Oyinloye: Apart from Networks like Ethereum and BSC, what others networks do you support? What is unique and special about Meo Tools?

Meo: The unique and special about Meo Tools is: We aim to build an ultimate combination between the most of the needed platform to the crypto world. It means if you can try and use our product, then you don’t need to use any others 🔥 We are currently supporting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks. But, we will not stop here. We will integrate with more and more networks shortly, after every main tasks are done on Q4.

Khoa: Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after the first exchange listing, how Meo Tools prevented the initial investors from selling their tokens and Meo Tools will give them the benefits What’s the benefit?

Meo: We can not prevent the trader, and the paper hand. They just want to trade, and can go whenever they want. The target of us is the diamond hand. We build the trust, the value. We are the long time project, and if the investers who can go with us in that long time, we will be win-win, together. We also have the marketing strategic, to keep the dimond hand can go with us, to the moon 🚀

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