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Crypto Market Update 31 July 2023 : Bitcoin – Huge alt-season is starting!

Crypto Market Update 31 July 2023 : Bitcoin – Huge alt-season is starting!

Bitcoin dominance is experiencing a downward trend, coupled with a period of sideways price movement, signaling the potential for a substantial altcoin season. This article explores the current market dynamics and suggests that now is an opportune moment to consider investing in altcoins. We’ll analyze Bitcoin’s price pattern, discuss the implications of the rising wedge formation, and delve into the potential advantages of exploring altcoin trading.

Bitcoin’s Rising Wedge Pattern:

The price of Bitcoin seems to be trapped within a rising wedge pattern, which typically indicates a higher probability of a price decline. Despite this, there is still ample time for the pattern to play out, possibly extending over the next 30 to 50 days. To gauge the market direction, it is crucial to wait for the rising wedge pattern to show a clear breakout.

Risks and Opportunities for Traders:

As the trendline of the rising wedge pattern trends slightly upwards, it may present challenges for bullish traders seeking a breakout. The pattern tends to lead to swing failure above previous highs, providing an opportunity for short positions. However, it’s essential to exercise caution as this analysis does not provide specific trade setups, such as stop-loss, entry points, profit targets, expected trade duration, risk-to-reward ratios, or timing.

Altcoins: A Favorable Alternative:

Given the relatively low volatility of Bitcoin on higher timeframes, trading it may not be as rewarding currently. Instead, focusing on intraday trading with Bitcoin might be more suitable. However, the author expresses a preference for altcoins due to indications of weakness shown in the Bitcoin dominance chart (BTC.D).

Litecoin’s Halving Event:

Litecoin enthusiasts can look forward to the upcoming halving event, which is set to take place in six days. The halving, which occurs approximately every four years, could potentially drive Litecoin’s price surge. While the exact outcome remains uncertain, the author expresses preparedness for the event.


In summary, the decline in Bitcoin dominance, combined with Bitcoin’s rising wedge pattern and the potential for an altcoin season, makes this an exciting time for altcoin enthusiasts. As always, this article is not financial advice, but a perspective on the current market dynamics. Investors should conduct thorough research and consult with qualified financial advisors before making any investment decisions. Whether you are interested in Bitcoin, altcoins, or both, careful analysis and strategic planning are essential for successful trading. For more trading ideas, you can “Like” and “Follow” the author’s updates. Happy trading!

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