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Rumors are spreading about BONK Inu soon to be traded on Binance

Rumors are spreading about BONK Inu soon to be traded on Binance

Currently, there are rumors that BONK will soon be traded on the Binance crypto exchange. Due to the success of adding liquidity to the Solana DeFi ecosystem, the Shiba Inu token has been listed on several popular crypto exchanges.

In addition to being the best crypto token of the past week, the first community tokenomics of BONK is attracting strong interest from investors. BONK Inu coming to Binance?
From a total of 100 trillion BONK, 50% of the supply was transferred to members of the Solana NFT community. Solana blockchain has been trying to bounce back from the exit of Sam Bankman-Fried who stole money from investors in Solana (SOL).

The launch of the BONK token is an effort to tokenize the community of Solana and become a community token on the blockchain. Talking about the company’s strategy, the white paper explains that BONK’s goal is to bring back the power of Solana’s DeFi.

50% of BONK donations go to consumers, art creators, art collectors, developers and 40 Solana NFT projects. 20 percent of the donation goes to the 22 people who make up the BONK team. Of the remaining 30%, 15% is allocated to BONK DAO which is responsible for managing BONK’s various community initiatives. 5% is reserved for marketing, financing and future development costs. Adjusted data from Orca shows that BONK’s liquidity provider earns a 1% hourly return for the BONK/SOL pair, totaling 8,760% per annum (APR).

If these yields fall to stable levels, BONK investors may be encouraged to sell their tokens and save their profits. This will hinder BONK’s plans to revive the Solana DeFi ecosystem, so the BONK team will have to come up with other ideas.

Recently, there have been rumors of BONK trading on crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase. The rumor confirmed the legitimacy of BONK and attracted many investors.

If true, trading on a global crypto exchange will add to the strength of BONK and give the price of memecoin a chance for a strong rally. Investors are attracted to BONK because of the high yield. BONK is a way for investors to diversify because BONK is on the Solana blockchain and not Ethereum. Trading on Binance or Coinbase will make BONK one of the strongest memecoins in the crypto industry. With high returns, an inspiring team, and the support of the Solana community, BONK can become a memecoin brand that investors are looking at.

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