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Canadian Crypto King Kidnapped and Tortured, Kidnapper Asks for US$3 Million

Canadian Crypto King Kidnapped and Tortured, Kidnapper Asks for US$3 Million

Gegara claimed to be the King of Crypto, this Canadian man was even kidnapped and tortured. The latest news states that the kidnappers have demanded a ransom of up to US$3 million. According to NYPost, CTV News Toronto reported that Aiden Pleterski, 23, from Ontario, Canada, was kidnapped from Toronto last December.

Pleterski was then taken hostage by the kidnappers who demanded at least US$3 million. That is the statement from Aiden’s father and colleagues. Details of the kidnapping revealed in court papers related to bankruptcy proceedings involving millions of dollars that Pleterski allegedly spent on living lavishly rather than investing.

“They basically held him for about three days, driving him to different places in southern Ontario, beating him, torturing him, allowing him to make special phone calls to only certain people. I am not one of the people he is allowed to contact,” said his father, who wished to remain anonymous.

While being held captive, Pleterski contacted the landlord and demanded US$3 million, according to court papers. “I received a lot of calls from Aiden, but it was late at night. and then around 1:30 a.m., I finally felt strong enough, and I picked up the phone,” said the landlord.

The landlord recounted how Pleterski said there was no one else he could contact, to which he replied: “There’s absolutely nothing I can do.”

Fake “King of Crypto” Pleterski, Suspected of Running a Ponzi Scheme

Apart from the kidnapping of the Canadian Crypto King, recent reports suggest that Pleterski is embroiled in a bankruptcy controversy; in which he was allegedly asked to invest more than US$40 million.

Instead, he spent nearly $16 million on luxury vacations, expensive cars and private planes, according to CTV News. Bankruptcy trustee Rob Stelzer told CTV that Pleterski ran a business where he told people he would invest their money and that was not the case.

“He really didn’t do what he said he would do,” Stelzer added.

In early December, Stelzer told CTV that he had been told by Toronto police that Pleterski had been kidnapped.

According to the report, Pleterski actually invests under 2 percent of the fund.

The $29 million may just be the start of how Pleterski owes investors, according to attorney Norman Groot, who was hired by some of those conned by the self-styled crypto magnate. Groot characterizes Pleterski as having run ponzi schemes on his clients, with investments made by some clients allegedly being used to fake profits for others.

Stelzer said he believed there were more people who lost money in Pleterski’s alleged scheme and called on them to file claims. “We know $41 million went into a clean account. We know of only $25 million that have been claimed. You can count them,” said Stelzer.

So far, nearly 140 investors who say they invested US$20 million have collectively responded to a request for information from a fraud recovery law firm investigating the self-styled “King of Crypto.” Documents reveal that Pleterski owned 11 vehicles and rented four other luxury cars. Pleterski reportedly flies in private jets and pays $45,000 a month to rent a lakeside house in Burlington, Ontario.

Gary Caplan, the attorney representing Pleterski’s parents, told media partners he could not comment on the case but pointed to an agreement between Pleterski’s parents and the trustee. Pleterski’s parents have agreed to return two vehicles, an Audi S5 and a Volkswagen Atlas each, valued at over £80,000 to the trustee and pay another 500,000 on or before 30 June.

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