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Market Update 11 July 2023 : Bitcoin Will Be the Currency of AIs

In the world of cryptocurrency, filtering out the ‘noise’ and focusing on the ‘signal’ can feel like an insurmountable task. Within this digital cacophony, a multitude of voices compete for attention, each promoting diverging ideas and perspectives. It is, therefore, no surprise that newcomers might quickly feel overwhelmed by this complex ecosystem and choose to […]

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Bitcoin Market Update 7 July 2023 : Asset Managers Are Pro-Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s journey towards institutional adoption has indeed been an intriguing one. While there have been notable figures like Larry Fink, who have expressed support for Bitcoin and recognized its potential, it is important to understand that institutional adoption of Bitcoin is a complex and evolving phenomenon. Let’s break down some key aspects: Early Adoption: Bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin Market Update 6 July 2023: On-Chain Trends & Realized Market Capitalization

Bitcoin Market Dynamics In today’s issue we want to zoom out and highlight some of the latest bitcoin market moves through the lens of on-chain data: realized price, profit-taking behavior and bitcoin supply levels. Currently, bitcoin is trading at approximately 1.5x its realized price, which recently resurged past the $20,000 mark. This milestone provides an […]

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Market Update 2023 : The Probability for U.S. Approval of a Spot #Bitcoin and BTC Chart Ready Another Leg Up

The SEC’s stance on spot #Bitcoin ETFs is wavering, and approval is on the horizon, says Bernstein’s research report! The SEC’s concerns about spot prices being prone to manipulation are valid, but the industry is proposing a surveillance agreement between spot exchanges and regulated exchanges like Nasdaq. In the meantime, the lack of a spot […]

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Market Update 30 Juni 2023 : Ethereum Tertinggal dari Bitcoin ? July $2K ?

Jika kita fokus pada level bulanan akan terlihat candle merah, kita akan melihat signifikansinya dalam konteks satu tahun terakhir. Pada pertengahan Juni 2022, ETH ditolak dari resistance merah ini. Faktanya, ETH secara konsisten ditolak dari resistance merah ini selama beberapa bulan berturut-turut. Namun, awal tahun ini, ETH mampu menembus resistance merah dan pada kenyataannya bulan […]