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Collaborating With Polygon, Nexon Launches New NFT Game MapleStory Universe

Collaborating With Polygon, Nexon Launches New NFT Game MapleStory Universe

After announcing an alliance with Immutable to expand the Web3 game ecosystem, now Polygon is reportedly collaborating with Nexon, one of the biggest game publishers in South Korea, to launch a new NFT game, called “MapleStory Universe”.

Then, how does MapleStory Universe game NFT work? Check out more below!

MapleStory Universe Partners with Polygon, In a Twitter tweet shared by the MaplestoryU account on March 22, 2023, they announced their new collaboration to expand the MapleStory Universe ecosystem through Polygon.

Reporting from Geek Metaverse (22/3/23), MapleStory Universe is a new NFT game launched by Nexon, in collaboration with Polygon. The game allows players and creators to develop and manage NFTs in virtual worlds, giving them digital ownership of in-game items.

Furthermore, MapleStory Universe is the latest addition to the franchise, which originally started with the multi-player online roleplaying game, MapleStory, which already has over 180 million registered players.

Meanwhile, Decrypt (22/3/23) reported that MapleStory had launched in 2003 and was a long-lasting success story for Nexon. According to records, to date, MapleStory games have generated more than $4 billion in revenue. MapleStory Universe Group Leader, Hwang Sun-young, said.

In contrast to video games in general, where players can buy weapons and skins, in the MapleStory game, players can obtain in-game assets through gameplay by completing missions and defeating monsters.

NFTs in this game will have both tangible and intangible utility. In creating this game, the associated company aims to dispel the myth that NFT games aren’t fun by building its new blockchain game on top of an already fun and successful franchise.

Quoting from Decrypt, MapleStory Universe is an NFT-centric game, which means that tokenized assets will play a major role in this game so that NFTs can be traded or transferred via game marketplaces. Additionally, via email, Nexon told Decrypt that MapleStory Universe will also have its own crypto token in the future, though details are yet to be finalized.

The Role of Polygons in the MapleStory Universe

In a nutshell, Polygon is an Ethereum scaling network that allows transactions to be faster and cheaper than Ethereum’s mainnet itself. According to a Decrypt report, PC gaming’s upcoming Polygon Supernet will allow Nexon to have a “customized application chain,” said Polygon Labs Vice President, Game Business Development and Platforms, Global Urvit Goel.

Just as Polygon did for Immutable plans to create a new Web3 game ecosystem, called Immutable zkEVM, this new game platform also uses a zero-knowledge rollup to provide seamless scalability while maintaining the security protocols provided by the Ethereum network.

Besides working with Immutable and Nexon, Polygon has also collaborated with Square Enix, the Japanese video game publisher behind popular games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, to launch a game called “Symbiogensis”.

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