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Let’s Get to Know The Coolest NFT Card Games; Duelist King NFT

Let’s Get to Know The Coolest NFT Card Games; Duelist King NFT

Hi, sobat cryptoiz! Have you ever heard of Duelist King? It’s a blockchain card game. They provide a feature on their platform where you can play games and earn money from it. It’s a play-to-earn feature!

There are some great people behind the team of Duelist King where everyone of them is someone who has quite background on blockchain and cryptocurrency. They also got the best advisors like Sebastian Pape, a great person from DePay and ETHOnline hackathon, Garlam Won, Mario Nawfal, ASHWSB , the famous crypto influencer on Twitter.

Their vision is to be the best blockchain NFT card game platform. Which we think they already are! I mean, you can check the card design on their website:

Looks visually pleasing doesn’t it?

They produced NFT card for card games lovers. The cards are collected in a box that you can buy! But unfortunately, you can’t buy them now since 50.000 boxes they provided have sold out just within 45 minutes after they opened the sale. But don’t worry! You can still buy them fast in another upcoming sale. Amazing, isn’t it?

Soon, Duelist King will also release the game publicly and list their token on some market. We really can’t wait to grab one!

For your information, Duelist King also supports Cryptoiz on our upcoming music event The Roots of Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a pleasure for us to collaborate with the best NFT card game platform in the world!

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