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Micro Listed On Coindax With KRW Pair + Airdrop

Micro Listed On Coindax With KRW Pair + Airdrop

■ MICRO: ETH or KRW Market (scheduled)
■ Publication date: April 19, 2019 at 20:00 (Scheduled)
■ Listed price: Coin Market cap market price on the same day

* Wallet open schedule: 18 April 2019.
※ The listing and wallet opening schedules may be changed for system inspection and stabilization.
※ There may be a wallet inspection for system inspection and stabilization.



Hi. Global corporation Coin DAC.

Proceed with MICRO-air drop.


■ Air Drop token : MICRO
■ Date and time: April 24, 2019
■ Candidates for Award: Holds 10 million (10,000,000) DAC or more in their wallet
■ Good luck, you can only do it once on April 21st.
(Except for the tendered reference quantity in tile time reference)

■ Micro
■ Air Drop Quantity: Total : 100,000,000


※ System check and stability can be delayed.
※ When system check and correction are completed.

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