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NFFON plan costs and receipts sent on Friday Friday

NFFON plan costs and receipts sent on Friday Friday

On Friday afternoon, the editor Coindesk \ of coinsk for the world’s global policy that seems to support the digital signs and pictures and businesses. The email was sent to confirm that your Amazon Prime Video channel subscription has been automatically renewed. De has never bought a non-fungible token (NFT) from Amazon and has no prior knowledge of NFT’s platform integration.

The email provides new information about Amazon Web3’s expansion plans and shows where these new tools may be on the platform.

Rumors have been going on for weeks that Amazon plans to release its own NFT marketplace in the near future, although Amazon has not yet publicly commented on the news.
Crypto news site Blockworks first reported the idea in January, citing unnamed sources. According to the report, the new “digital value business” will focus on “blockchain games and related NFT applications.” of April 24. The report, which also cites unnamed sources, said that the NFT platform will be available on the site through a tab that says “Amazon Digital Marketplace”.

In January, Amazon’s cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services, announced that it would work with Ava Labs to expand its company’s blockchain offerings, although there were no names of plans for NFT or digital asset markets. According to the email sent by, the digital sign is placed in the gallery which is supported on the Amazon website.

However, it looks like the link provided in the email doesn’t work anymore. The email also mentioned the possibility of a sale, noting that the NFT will not be eligible for sale “until it is opened.” But the link provided on the resale page also seems to be broken. By not being able to get a digital signal. It is not known how NFTs affected this subscription renewal, although email confirmations and transactions were received at the same time.

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