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TRON Ready To Integrate AI and HackaTRON With Oraichain

TRON Ready To Integrate AI and HackaTRON With Oraichain

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology seems to be increasingly attracting the crypto community. This can be proven by reports of an increase in the market value of crypto AI recently reaching IDR 61 trillion.

Capitalizing on the momentum, Crypto News Flash revealed that TRON has forged a new partnership with Oraichain regarding AI integration and HackaTRON collaboration.

TRON and Oraichain Collaboration

TRON is trying to take a big step towards combining artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology through its partnership with Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchain.

According to the report, this partnership is powering the future of decentralized AI by providing education, incubation, and technical integration to developers, empowering them to build state-of-the-art solutions that leverage and enhance AI.

Therefore, TRON network developers can now leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to build scalable Dapps. With this cooperation, Tron’s network is expected to attract more global markets.

Also through this partnership, TRON and Oraichain will work together to foster a community of developers, investors and enthusiasts passionate about the potential of blockchain and AI.

With the goal of extending smart contract functionality and innovating new use cases, they will provide educational resources to help developers learn more about the technology and how to integrate it into their projects.

Hackathon Collaboration

Quoting from the Cryptoslate report, the HackaTRON or Hackathon held by TRON Season 4 has started on February 1, 2023. In this HackaTRON Season 4, TRON announced that Tung Do, namely the CEO of Oraichain Labs US, joined the panel of judges for this year’s competition.

As one of the largest hackathons in the blockchain industry, the previous three seasons have recorded more than 2,300 participants belonging to DeFi, GameFi, Web3, NFT, builder and eco-friendly.

Winners from HackaTRON will have priority status for potential listings on and will also be eligible to apply for funding from TRON DAO Ventures and Huobi Ventures. This marks an invaluable advantage for the winners and can pave the way for the progress of their project.

Furthermore, this season, a new line, namely the builder, is a line created for projects that are continuing development on TRON/BTTC with significant updates to their projects.

While HackaTRON started in early February, at the end of January 2023, the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, said that he targets TRON (TRX) to be accepted as legal tender in 5 different countries by 2023

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