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AMA Recap and winner list Cryptoiz with Lepricon

AMA Recap and winner list Cryptoiz with Lepricon


Q1 – Can you tell us about how Lepricon was born? What was the reason for creating?

I had the idea to combine my interest and experience in video games and blockchain in 2016 but I had the opportunity to work for a VC fund at the time, so decided to wait until recently until the ecosystem and infrastructure had become more developed and mature.
Thus Lepricon was born earlier this year and delighted to be able to finally share it!

Q2 – I se that Lepricon CEO Joshua has a background in video games, can we get some more details here?

Sure, my first job in the games industry was more than 20 years ago, which eventually became my launchpad into early-stage startups and technology companies. At one point I was a producer at GodGames the original publisher of Max Payne, that company sold to Take2 the parent of Rockstar games [publishing label of GTA], and in 2001 I had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong as Co-founder of an online game startup. And I have worked with a large number of startups and game development studios since across the world.

THIS Max Payne!

Q3 – What games will be available on launch of Lepricon?

the first 3 games will be 1st) KQJ a simple card prediction game 2nd) BitPool a BTC binary options trading game, and the 3rd in development is FansPredict.
FansPredict will focus on real world and sporting events including some eSport.

Q4 – Whats the vision for Lepricon in 3 years?

In 3 years Lepricon will be an app store / marketplace with a catalogue of first and third-party “on-chain” prediction games all governed by our community

Q5 – Tell me a bit more about the Lepricon team?

The team is made up of a mixture of people with experience in prediction markets, videogames and blockchain. For example we have a gaming expert from Macau on our team named Andrew and he has written many books on prediction, such as “The Predictive Sportsbook” – see here –

Lepricon Team

The team is well experienced to deliver !

In the mobile games space I have represented or advised a couple of social casion projects in the past, and worked several years with a Shenzhen China based startup that became one of China’s largest independant mobile game publishers, they published games such as Fruit Ninja for instance very successfully.


Winner 1

we talked a bit about my background and the interest in starting Lepricon, as for L3P I may be a bit old school it is leet speak for LEP but also stands for ‘Liquidity Pool & Prediction Platform. as for Audits, our initial wallet and ERC20 smart contracts and other functionality are pre-audited and developed by a team that does code audits and penetration testing for several exchanges among others, we will share more aobut these types of partnerships in the future.

Winner 2

the games themselves are typically each built by their own development team, and we will have the similar level of audits internally and externally as needed as I would have with any game development studio in the past. infrastructure now can allow for some types of games completely on-chain, we will be focused on quick and easy onboarding of users, and nearly immediate game play, all on higher TPS and lower GAS infrastructure.

Winner 3

We are still considering several details on the goverance side, but early on we will accept suggestions and proposals for content built with our SDK and APIs from developers in the community, and expect to provide grants for some of these projects from our ecosystem fund, as we progress towards the end of 2021 we will release more and more goverance options to the community and eventually those minimums should be voted on by the community

Winner 4

we are focused on continual building of the platform, and the content on top of this, we are actively talking to several partners to bring audience to the platform, as well as developers to bring content to the platform

Winner 5

I’ve been very active in the blockchain space for a few years and know tons of exchanges, a few of which have contacted us, we will be launching on more than one centralized exchange and will talk about these further along, we will also have the DeFi platform and will be integrating various staking and liquidity pools and our tokens will be on several DEXs at some point on the roadmap


Q1. What is total supply of Lepricon? Where we can buy it? Are your plans to focus on market or to grow community?

777, 777, 777 fixed supply, but not on Day1, our focus is to grow content and community

Q2. What is the role of the community in the governance of the your crypto ecosystem in order to be able to call it community driven? Which members of the community can participate in the decision making?

Great question – all of these answers will be on our telegram channel in the future @lepriconio, but community and governance are important to us, for instance I would love to know how community members would react to something like implementing quadratic voting, for know we have a council and will allow the community to submit suggestions and prosals in the near roadmap.

Q3. Almost every investor is interested in large Defi projects as it delivers high returns and is fast. For what reasons can convince small and large investors to trust and invest in your project?

We have an very experience team games/blockchain, as a DeFi project we will have as part of the strategy to create stable yield for out token holders, and intent to enhance this yeild through some of the fees/income generated through content on platform

Q4. About crypto education, most people don’t know nothing about Nft. Do you have any projects to learn how can the people how to buy and sell a NFT? Like videos tutorials in youtube etc…

We haven’t released any details about NFTs yet, but I have been interested in this early on and I do think there is an opportunity to educate people about them, NFT infrstructure and marketplaces are already quite a bit more advanced now than when first introduced

Thanks everybody, this has been a blast. We will be back again in a couple of weeks for another AMA. In the meantime, please DO join our TG group – GROUP 

Also, I wanted to introduce our Co-Founder/COO @SorsDigitalAssets, he is also here to answer questions, there were over 1000 messages there at the end, it will take me some time to read them all, I’ll do my best to boil down a few of the FAQ and some additional answers soon.

Thanks again for the opportunity to connect with such a vibrant community!

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