Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, has asked cryptocurrency companies to stop deceiving investors.

In an X post, US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler reminded crypto companies to comply with securities laws, by not defrauding investors. Gensler did this to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Gensler also asked whether the creator of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, could be identified in a Halloween […]


Today’s cryptocurrency prices are November 3rd, 2023. Bitcoin will be rectified.

The prices of Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies were observed to experience mixed movements on Friday (3/11/2023). The majority of top cryptocurrencies were observed to be in the red zone again. Based on data from Coinmarketcap, the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, Bitcoin (BTC), weakened 1.40 percent again in 24 hours, but still strengthened […]

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Bitcoin Price Holding at $35K: What’s Next for the Crypto Market?

Bitcoin’s price recently attempted to surpass the $34,500 mark but faced resistance, indicating a potential for a significant downside correction if it closes below the 100 hourly SMA. Bitcoin is currently struggling to break the $35,000 resistance, trading above $34,200 and the 100 hourly Simple Moving Average. On the hourly BTC/USD chart (data feed from […]

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Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride: $28,000 Surge and Fake ETF Approval Frenzy

Bitcoin’s price recently surged past $28,000, experiencing significant gains. The world’s leading digital currency reached an intraday high of nearly $28,600 around 6 p.m. EST, but it later dipped to just below $28,300. Several factors influenced these price movements, with a fake news report being a notable one. A false report from Cointelegraph’s Twitter account […]