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Dubai Developer to Build World’s First Bitcoin Tower

Dubai Developer to Build World’s First Bitcoin Tower

Bitcoin has gained popularity globally. Lately, the UAE has also emerged as an avid supporter for cryptocurrencies. In one of the latest initiatives to celebrate the values of Bitcoin a Dubai based developer has built a new hotel chain in the shape of Bitcoin. Additionally, it will be a real Bitcoin tower which will stand 40-stories high.

New Bitcoin Tower will stand 40-stories high

In addition to the tower, the new hotel chain will also embrace technologies like AI and blockchain to focus on material sustainability.

The hotel chain has introduced a distinctive method of rewarding its guests through the use of NFTs, which grant exclusive benefits to the holders. Additionally, the rental fee will be treated as a form of crypto staking, generating an annual percentage yield (APY) that guests can claim. Salvatore Leggiero, the project developer, describes it as the first hotel that reimburses guests for their payment with added interest.

The CEO of Metaverse Investments LLC, the investor of the initiative stated that, “This innovative approach to hospitality reflects the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in today’s society and is an excellent way for people to experience and learn more about them.”

According to the details, the 40-story Bitcoin tower will represent the values of Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto shared with the world.

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