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In Order To Help Workers in Remote Areas, Nokia Developed Metaverse Technology

In Order To Help Workers in Remote Areas, Nokia Developed Metaverse Technology

Reporting from Cointelegraph, recently telecommunications infrastructure company Nokia has been looking for ways to use Metaverse in order to help workers who are in remote locations. What did Nokia do? Check out the full news below! Robert Joyce, CTO of Nokia Oceania told Cointelegraph that part of the plan to help workers in remote locations also includes bringing in Metaverse.

Nokia set up two labs in the last year to really research the Metaverse and the technologies that support the Metaverse, said Joyce, quoted from Cointelegraph. In 2022, Nokia began collaborating with an Australian university to deliver a 5G-connected microbrewery using Metaverse technology.

Using Augmented Reality (AR), researchers from the brewing technology lab at the University of Technology Sydney have teamed up with researchers from twin facilities at the University of Dortmund in Germany.

As for the microbrewery, “They’re actually doing a co-experiment where they brew the beer, they change the process, the temperature, the timing, the volume, the recipe and they put all of that brewing process into a digital twin,” explains Joyce. Not only that, workers can actually simulate brewing on the digital twin so they can perfect beer in the digital industry.

Reporting from Cointelegraph, not only is the microbrewery connected to Metaverse, Joyce also said that Nokia has used Metaverse to help Cessna aircraft technicians at remote airports. “We are working with a company that has a virtual Cessna aircraft. You’ll see a Cessna airplane in front of you, and then you’ll have audio instructions in your ear telling you how to change the rudder, or replace an engine part,” said Joyce.

“We have a 5G-connected Microsoft HoloLens and we can instruct people on how to service Cessna using augmented reality in this case,” he explained in an interview with Cointelegraph. Joyce also said that next year there will be 5x the revenue devoted to the “Industry Metaverse” compared to the consumer or enterprise Metaverse. “We see a gap of 3 or 5 years before we really see massive adoption in virtual reality or augmented reality services for consumers,” he said.

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