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Involved in Fraudulent Crypto Investment, ASN Teacher in Gunungkidul Fired

Involved in Fraudulent Crypto Investment, ASN Teacher in Gunungkidul Fired

Gunungkidul Regent Sunaryanta again fired a state civil servant (ASN) because he was caught in the law with a fraudulent Crypto digital money investment case. This followed a sentence of more than 2 years in prison against an ASN named AP (42).

“With great compulsion, today we fired one of our ASN,” Sunaryanta told journalists in Gunungkidul Regency.

The dismissal was carried out because the person concerned was already involved in a serious problem and already had permanent legal status. Sunaryanta hopes that this sanction can serve as a lesson for all of his staff.

The sanction (dismissal) is a lesson and I remind ASN that they must work professionally and maximally to serve the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Regional Education and Training Staffing Agency (BKPPD) for Gunungkidul Regency, Iskandar, said that his party was immediately following up on the Regent’s decision. AP himself, said Iskandar, had been dishonorably dismissed or fired.

“Tomorrow we will send the SK to those concerned,” he said.

In addition, Iskandar also revealed the basis for the dismissal of AP because the court had sentenced him to more than two years in prison. According to him, if the AP is deemed not to degrade the dignity of civil servants and does not affect the work environment then it can be reactivated.

“The district government has coordinated with the BKN (State Civil Service Agency), the result is that this demeans the dignity of ASN and can later affect the work environment. Because of that, the BKN has decided it cannot be reactivated,” he said.

Previously, the police arrested a State Civil Apparatus (ASN) from Kapanewon Tanjungsari with the initials AP (41) for being involved in fraud with the fraudulent investment mode of Crypto digital money in 2022. AP admitted that 87 people in Gunungkidul were victims of his fraud.

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