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The Price of Bitcoin Soars, Investors Are Increasingly Confident Investing in Crypto Assets

The Price of Bitcoin Soars, Investors Are Increasingly Confident Investing in Crypto Assets

The increase in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) from US$17,000 to US$28,600 in the last 3 months is a phenomenon that investors have been waiting for, especially BTC crypto asset owners. Looking at the journey of the Bitcoin crypto asset in the past, it was even recorded as not more than IDR 14,000. Various events have influenced the development of the Bitcoin price year after year. In 2023, the price of Bitcoin continues to experience a significant increase reaching US $ 28,000.

The price of Bitcoin which has soared for 14 days has given a breath of fresh air to crypto asset investors. According to the DecenTrader report, the bullish trend is starting soon. The potential increase is predicted to be up to US$30,000. In addition, based on CryptoQuant data, there has been a bullish signal from the movement of BTC in the last few weeks. Bitcoin price rallied 22 percent last week from around US$17,000 to a high of US$21,300, which is among its highest since late October 2022.

Some scoring metrics signal early signs of a bull market starting, and others also confirm that price trends have shifted. to bullish. Head of Crypto Strategy Nanovest, Muhammad Yusuf Musa said that optimism about the positive trend in Bitcoin attracts the attention of the public, especially those who are interested in trying to enter the world of crypto asset investment. “The condition of the crypto asset market, especially Bitcoin, is currently starting to show an increase compared to 3 months ago.

This makes optimism for Bitcoin’s performance to increase. Even though by nature Bitcoin and crypto assets are volatile, with this increase, many people are trying to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto assets,” said Musa. Crypto asset market capitalization has also increased in the past week, as seen from the valuation of crypto assets which increased from US$213 billion to US$1.087 trillion. Bitcoin still dominates the market due to BTC’s performance in terms of price outperforming other crypto assets by experiencing an increase of +32.15 percent outperforming other crypto assets. The Fear and Greed Bitcoin Index shows a greedy level after Bitcoin (BTC) touched its highest price this year, amounting to US$28,000 in March 2023. Optimism about Bitcoin is strengthened by expert analysis which says that BTC is expected to penetrate US$36,000 in June 2023.

The latest report by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI) shows that the total number of crypto investors in Indonesia reached 16.99 million people as of February 2023. This number has increased by around 13,000 people when compared to January 2022. The positive trend in the crypto asset market is expected to be the start increase in crypto asset transactions, especially in the crypto asset industry in Indonesia.

Nanovest as an investment application that offers convenience, security and convenience for investing in US crypto assets and stocks also supports the enthusiasm of users by providing various prize programs and also education for novice investors. Nanovest has been registered with BAPPEBTI, ISO certified by CBQA Global, and also registered in the cybercrime risk protection program provided by Asuransi Sinar Mas so that users are sure to be safe when starting their investment journey.

Nanovest provides various conveniences and also pays attention to every detail that is definitely needed by its users. Users can start investing with only IDR 5,000 in capital. The easy KYC process only takes 1 minute and is free of transaction fees. Nanovest also has a BUKBER reward program “Lots of Profit for Investing” with a total prize of IDR 10 billion, which is specially provided only in this month of Ramadan with a prize period from March 1 2023 to April 30 2023. It aims to support the community to increase knowledge and financial literacy, Nanovest routinely provides information in the form of literacy in the form of market reports entitled “NanoInsights”. The NanoInsight aims to provide the latest news regarding what is happening in the US crypto asset and stock markets, as well as provide interesting insights from Nanovest’s internal analysts so that can help Nanovest users decide on choosing the right crypto assets or US stocks for themselves.

NanoInsight can certainly be accessed easily and for free via the official website This is expected to increase investment-related education for the Indonesian people. Nanovest also continues to innovate to provide the best investment platform service so that users can easily and safely choose the digital assets they want.

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