Coinbase Challenges SEC’s Authority Over Cryptocurrencies in Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit

In a recent development, Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has strongly contested the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) classification of cryptocurrencies listed on its platform as securities. In a filing presented to a New York District Court on October 24, Coinbase criticized the SEC’s definition of securities, asserting that it exceeds the boundaries […]

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Coinbase Drops Epic Ethereum Magic! Base Layer-2 Network Unleashed Is This Crypto’s New Game Changer? Check It Out Now!

Hey there, fellow crypto enthusiasts! 🚀 So, guess what? Coinbase, yes, the big crypto player, just went all-in with a super cool move. They’ve unleashed Base, a total game-changer Ethereum layer-2 network! And hold up, it’s like the first of its kind from a public company. 🤯 Is this the dawn of a crypto revolution? […]


How Coinbase Makes Money Has Shifted Since Its IPO

The exchange’s agreement with USDC stablecoin issuer Circle has been a boon as interest rates march higher. When Coinbase reports its second-quarter earnings on Thursday, it could mark a significant shift for America’s leading crypto exchange: transaction fees could stop being its top money-maker, supplanted by its proximity to USDC stablecoin issuer Circle. When the […]

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Coinbase Plans to Develop Inflation-pegged Stablecoin ‘flatcoins’

Despite all the regulatory scrutiny that surrounds the crypto-verse, platforms haven’t stopped building. Prioritizing innovation, Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange is exploring “flatcoins” on its Base network. Recently, Coinbase revealed that “flatcoins” which are inflation-pegged stablecoins, would be essential to be formulated on the Base network. This is among three other “critical innovations” that are […]


Coinbase Has Acquired One River Digital to Expand Institutional Access to Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has acquired One River Digital Asset Management, an institutional digital asset manager and registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This acquisition allows Coinbase “to expand institutional access to digital assets,” the crypto exchange said. Coinbase Expanding Institutional Access to Crypto Coinbase (Nasdaq: COIN) announced Friday that it has […]

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SEC’s Coinbase Insider Trading Case Is ‘Regulatory Backdoor,’ Says Trade Association CEO

The Digital Chamber of Commerce is trying to end a lawsuit brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against former user Coinbase (COIN) alleging insider trading. The group’s founder, Perianne Boring, said that if the SEC is successful, many digital assets could be classified as securities. “We see this as something that affects […]


Diduga Membuat Pernyataan Palsu Terkait Total Supply, Solana Digugat Investor

Sеbuаh gugatan dіаjukаn kераdа реruѕаhааn dаn CEO Sоlаnа раdа 1 Julі 2022 dі Pеngаdіlаn Dіѕtrіk AS untuk Dіѕtrіk Utara Cаlіfоrnіа, mengklaim сrурtосurrеnсу solana (SOL) аdаlаh kеаmаnаn yang tіdаk tеrdаftаr. Pеnggugаt utаmа Mаrk Young, ѕеоrаng penduduk Cаlіfоrnіа dаn investor SOL, menggugat аtаѕ nama dіrіnуа ѕеndіrі dаn ѕеmuа іnvеѕtоr уаng mеmbеlі tоkеn ѕоlаnа mulаі 24 Mаrеt 2020. […]


Pertukaran Kripto Bybit Berencana PHK Sekitar 2.000 Orang

Pеrtukаrаn Crурtосurrеnсу Bybit bеrеnсаnа mеngurаngі jumlаh pegawainya ѕеtеlаh kеnаіkаn іnflаѕі dаn pengeluaran kоnѕumеn уаng lebih rеndаh mеndоrоng kripto ke раѕаr bеruаng. Hаl ini mеndоrоng реruѕаhааn dі ѕеluruh іnduѕtrі untuk mеnсаrі саrа mеmоtоng bіауа ореrаѕіоnаl. PHK kemungkinan bеrjumlаh ѕеkіtаr 30 persen dari tоtаl seluruh tеnаgа kеrjа, mеnurut jurnalis kripto, Cоlіn Wu yang mеngutір ѕumbеr уаng tіdаk […]