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Hakim di New York Memutuskan Melarang Telegram Mengeluarkan Token Gram

Telegram users can transfer USDT via chat

USDT has been added to Telegram’s @wallet bot, expanding the ability to send messages to buy and sell crypto.

Telegram users can send themselves a link (USDT), the world’s largest coin by market cap, in the messaging app chat. USDT has been added to Telegram’s @wallet bot, expanding the ability to send crypto buy and sell messages, according to an email shared with CoinDesk on Wednesday.
The integration of crypto payments with messaging apps like Telegram – in theory making sending cryptocurrency as easy as sending a text or photo – should be a huge positive development for widespread adoption. Last April, bitcoin (BTC) and toncoin (TON) were added to the @wallet market, the latter can also be sent to chat.

Stablecoins like USDT offer many benefits like other cryptos, but without the price volatility that is often associated with bitcoin and ether. Therefore, they are important for users who want to keep their money in the crypto environment, but without risking being the one who gets big changes in profits.

Therefore the addition of USDT could be an important development for Telegram’s crypto service. The cryptocurrency journey of messaging applications started a few years back with the development of the Open Network (TON) blockchain project. However, this development was canceled in 2020 due to a legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, TON was kept alive by members of its community, calling themselves The TON Foundation, who continued to push the project forward.
Although not directly involved with TON, Telegram maintains an interest in the network, exemplified by the building of its Fragment blockchain-based auction platform late last year.

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