Tesnet Scroll Alpha

Tesnet Scroll Alpha

Yang belum daftar mungkin masih bisa 👉 https://signup.scroll.io/

Abis sign up nanti dapet email terus tinggal kerjain, step by step nya ada diemail.

Yang udah daftar trs dpeg email step by stepnya

Go to limk : https://prealpha.scroll.io

  • Receive test tokens in the Scroll L1 network from the Faucet app.
  • Transfer test tokens from Scroll L1 to Scroll L2 through the Bridge app.
  • Transfer tokens to other wallets on Scroll L2 using MetaMask.
  • Swap tokens or provide liquidity in the Swap app.
  • View the status of transactions and blocks in the Scroll L1, Scroll L2 Block Explorers and the Rollup Explorer.
  • Withdraw tokens from Scroll L2 to Scroll L1 through the Bridge app.

Form Feedback : https://forms.gle/VbvaM4KaiZHFpo6z8

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