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FlixNet-4 – TESTNENT

💵 Reward : Confirmed➡️ Testnet : & ➡️ Use Keplr Wallet➡️ Connect to testnet link to get Omniflix Network on Keplr Tasks :➡️ Follow guide on this article :➡️ Try all features and complete campaign Done Details :


UPDATE Arco Devnet Incentivized

Reward Pools : 2.000.000 $ARC Tokens Time : 25 October 2022 – 1 November 2022 👉 Discord : 👉 Devnet : Use Network Devnet Try All Feature Dapet Bug? Send Form : How to Get $ARC Tokens? Testnet ParticipantsKerjain Testnet Potensi Dapet 300-500 $ARC Bug BountyDapet BUG Potensi Dapet 1000-5000 $ARC ( […]

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AnimeSwap Retroactive Airdrop (Aptos)

Untuk Airdrop confirmed token $ANI Bagaimana cara dapatnya? Test Protocol on DevNet / Testnet :➡️➡️ Test Protocol dalam Mainnet:➡️ Submit FeedbackDiscord:

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ActiList NFT Marketplace

ActiList NFT Marketplace Get Whitelist For TestnetNetwork : SCRT Wallet Keplr 👉 Register : Starts 30.10.22 🫡 Check in Mint crystals Create auction sale Collect unique crystals Verify others Suggest an improvement Register a bug Participants collect points for each task. Ultimately collected points will be used to incentivize users, when dapp goes mainnet.As […]

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Tesnet Scroll Alpha

Yang belum daftar mungkin masih bisa 👉 Abis sign up nanti dapet email terus tinggal kerjain, step by step nya ada diemail. Yang udah daftar trs dpeg email step by stepnya Go to limk : Receive test tokens in the Scroll L1 network from the Faucet app. Transfer test tokens from Scroll L1 […]

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ANTIMATTER B2 TESTNET🎁Reward: Unknown RPC SettingNetwork name: Antimatter B2 TestnetRPC Url: ID: 20221Symbol: MATTERExplorer: ☑️Faucet link:☑️Testnet link: Form for Suggestions & Feedback SWAP: Form for Bug Report SWAP:👉 Testnet : ➡️ Connect to wallet➡️ Buy & Sell NFT.➡️ Create your NFT / Collection.➡️ Give Feedback or Bug on […]

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The Genius x Launchpad Testnet (CARDANO)

he Genius x Launchpad Testnet (CARDANO) 🔰 Reward Total : 100,000 $GENSXWinners : All Participants — Must KYC 👉 Discord : ➡️ Join on Discord➡️ Submit your ADA mainnet + testnet address on #wallet-registration channel➡️ KYC later on November 1st – 3rd➡️ Done! Create Wallet : 👉 Detail and Info :

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Mes Protocol Testnet

Mes Protocol TestnetZksync Alpha TestnetYou can use Metamask wallet Set RPC Network Zksync Alpha Testnet : Connect wallet Claim faucet USDT Depo ETH Trade Try All feature Faucet ETH Zksync : Faucet ETH Georli disini ETH Georli ke ETH Zksync disini

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Aries Market Live Devnet

Aptos Devnet Network💵 Reward : Potential rewards➡️ Testnet : Use Martian Wallet or Fewcha Wallet Use Devnet Click faucet on wallet Join Discord : Tasks : Connect wallet Claim Faucet APT & Test Token Initialize and activate account Deposit & Withdraw Borrow & Repay Swap Trade Submit feedback or bug on discord and […]

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