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Airdrop Terbaru: Faswet Wallet Free $5 EBG Recommended!!!

Airdrop Terbaru: Faswet Wallet Free $5 EBG Recommended!!!

A friend recommends that you use Faswet. It is available for Web, iOS and Android. Sign up with your recommendation code, receive 5USD equivalent to the EBG currency and start enjoying the most versatile cryptocurrency open market platform in the market. Make it Real. Make it it Faswet.

🎁Free $5 EBG

🎁Reff Yess

🌐Link Regeristrasi👇👇🏼👇👇🏼

Join Here



☑️Enter Email


☑️Confirm Password

☑️Referral Code [zwVcv7HbhrXW0E3Nu0Cciyx3P4A2]


🎁Complite KYC Untuk Reward EBG

💠Lekapi Detail Alamat

💠Foto ID Depan


💠Tanda Tangan Diatas Kertas putih

💠Sertakan Alamat Kalian Misalnya:buku tabungan dll.

Untuk bertanya seputar airdrop ini langsung join grup diskusi kami di telegram Grup Telegram Public
Join Juga Disini Untuk Airdrop Terbaru


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