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Microsoft and 31 other companies will launch their own blockchain

Microsoft along with 31 other leading companies across sectors announced that it will soon launch its own blockchain, called Canton Network. “The financial industry will undergo a revolutionary transformation with the launch of the Canton Network, the industry’s first interoperable blockchain network that enables privacy for institutional assets. The Canton Network is a decentralized infrastructure […]

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Binance To Enable Bitcoin Lightning Network Withdrawals

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended Bitcoin withdrawals twice in the past 12 hours. Despite causing alarm in the community, the exchange has reassured users that their funds are secured. Now at press time, the organization announced plans to introduce withdrawals via the BTC Lightning Network. A couple of hours back, Binance made an announcement that […]

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SUI Token: Here’s What You Need to Know

Sui is a new layer-1 blockchain set to go live on May 3. Recently, the network has gained significant attention in online crypto circles. The project uses a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) consensus mechanism with an altered version of the Move programming language. Additionally, the native token of the network is SUI, with a supply cap of 10 […]

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Justin Sun Transfers $56.4M TUSD to Binance, CZ Warns Whales Over Misuse of SUI Airdrop

Tron founder and crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun transferred 56.1 million True USD (TUSD) worth over $56.4 million to crypto exchange Binance on Monday morning, sparking rumors about his intention to farm the just-released Sui (SUI) tokens on the Binance LaunchPool. Shortly after Whale Alert flagged the transaction, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) disclosed that the exchange’s team had warned […]

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Mastercard Partners with Polygon, Solana, Ava, and Others to Launch Crypto Credential System

At Consensus 23, Mastercard unveiled a new innovative step in their work in blockchain technology. Specifically, the payment company has unveiled Mastercard Crypto Credential in collaboration with Polygon, Solana, AVan, and more. The payment technology company announced the service would instill “trust in the blockchain ecosystem,” according to a post today. Additionally, the efforts will “enhance verification […]

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Dogecoin: Could DOGE Ever be a Top 3 Crypto?

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Dogecoin Foundation Board member Marshall Hyner said that DOGE could eventually be among the top 3 cryptos. Moreover, referring to the assets “memetic power,” Hyner laid out fairly comprehensive reasoning for his proclamation. Conversely, the market is still led primarily by the undeterred power of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). […]

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PXL Wars: All You Need to Know About Cardano Ecosystem’s New Game

Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian polymath, inspired the development of the Cardano token, which debuted in 2017. Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, revealed details about the Alonzo hard fork in August 2021. As a result of this announcement, Cardano’s price jumped by 116% the following month. Cardano blockchain has numerous projects built on it. Now, […]