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Ethereum Takes Vital Steps Toward Upcoming Cancun Upgrade

Ethereum Takes Vital Steps Toward Upcoming Cancun Upgrade

Following its highly-publicized Shapella upgrade that occurred earlier this year, Ethereum has taken some vital steps toward its upcoming Cancun upgrade. Moreover, the development should have a significant impact on the structure of the network.

Ethereum core developers have recently discussed a variety of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). Subsequently, these discussions, and coordinative conversations regarding their integration, mark a massive step forward for the progress of the upgrade.

Another Ethereum Upgrade Takes Steps Forward

Few blockchain networks have taken such drastic steps toward improving their utility as Ethereum has. Moreover, its Shapella upgrade marked a massive moment for the network. Now, another evolution of the blockchain is rapidly arriving. 

Specifically, Ethereum has taken a notable step toward its impending Cancun upgrade. Indeed, U.Today reported that discussions have centered around the impact analysis of two EIPs, 4758 and 6780. These potential integrations would alter the current self-destruct feature on the network and modify it. 

Currently, the feature allows the transfer of ETH between addresses without executing code on the end of the recipient. Now, the 4758 proposes the function being renamed to “send all” while removing its capability of resetting values or deleting bytecode. Alternatively, 6780 would introduce certain conditions that would then limit its overall impact. 

The changes could have some effect on decentralized applications that are currently running on the Ethereum network. However, there is a belief among developers that whatever impact derives from the changes will be easily managed. Specifically, most dApps are likely to be upgraded to adapt to the changes on the network. 

Conversely, discussions around the introduction of “set code” continued; which would implement new instructions that maintain the ability to replace smart contract code. Additionally, developers assessed the progress in EIP 4844. This key aspect of the impending upgrade would alter the current transaction process on Ethereum. Specifically directed at optimizing efficiency and bringing down costs. 

The upcoming Cancun upgrade is set to feature a host of other EIPs that could present significant upgrades. Specifically, seeking to improve things like memory copying and call instructions. 

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