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True PnL AMA Recap : Ready For Lift-Off

True PnL AMA Recap : Ready For Lift-Off

AMA Details
Date : 8 May 2021
Time : 4:30 PM UTC+7
Place : True PnL Official Groups

Pebri (Cryptoiz CO-Founder) : Hello guys sorry a bit late here I am as Co-Founder of cryptoiz media that start from 2017 to educated people about blockchain and trading , Can you describe what is True PnL ?

Alexey Karushin : TrueP&L builds on-and off-chain financial products for retail investors to achieve beautiful and transparent investment experience. One of our products — Robo-trading marketplace. True P&L develops a platform to help investors grow their capital without deep knowledge in trading, giving them an opportunity to choose strategies that suit their risk profile and get income with minimum efforts.

Pebri (Cryptoiz CO-Founder) : Lets start with @kuppakeep please introduce yourself

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Hello guys, as Alexey stated above, I’m COO of the project. Operational stuff is pretty boring, so I won’t talk about it. I also manage the development proccess – I’m into bitcoin since 2013 and started developing dapps in 2016-2017, so now I got plenty of software engineering and blockchain expereince to bear all the technical stuff about the project.

Pebri (Cryptoiz CO-Founder) : What about Robo Trading that you mention before and should user put their money on your platform ?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : I would recommend anyone to do their own research before using ANY product on the market. But, of course, YES! we made a pretty reliable and elegant system, so why wouldn’t try it?)

Pebri (Cryptoiz CO-Founder) : Next question will about PNL token I see on your web page that binance in the list of your partner , can you brief what purpose of this partnership ?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : We wanted to make a reliable trading system which is impossible without direct partnership with exchanges. TruePNL became a Binance Broker in order to be 100% sure that we have safe and secure system.

I mean, development of financial services is a big deal. You put like 30% of your effort to develop the system and 70% to make it reliable. Partnership with Binance means we have technical support and transparency in terms of our communication.

Let’s not forget, that we’re at the very beggining of our journey.
In terms of robotrading, we have several flaws which prevent us from proposing cool high-frequency trading strategies. I’m not sure I need to deep dive into technical stuff because it’ll take to much time 😃

Pebri (Cryptoiz CO-Founder) : Before i move to top 10 question from twitter and community , Can you share where user buy PnL token ? And will you have a suprise for community when listing happen ?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : We’ll run IDO on three platforms:

Surprise? Well, we DO have it. That’s only thing I can say by now. (I really want to reveal it today, but @Rtgecompany asked me not to do so 😃 )

From salemlise : We know NFT has been a hot topic right now , Does True PnL will have their NFT and have benefit if have that ?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Since we make financial platform, there is no room for NFT in it yet. Imo implementing NFT just to get hype is a bit dumb strategy. We better focus on creating value for investors and customers

From @ridhoansyah04 : how much benefit from your project to the global community?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Okay, this is an abstract question so the answer will be the same 😉
We want to create a platform which just makes crypto, investments and various blockchain stuff simple and safe for everyone. I mean, EVERYONE.
Like, we want to be Robinhood in crypto 😉 .

I want to add something to this.

HIGH-FRIQUENCY are not simply profitable for retail investors with standart Binance commissions.

We use Low – and Middle – FRIQUENCY algos. It means that it could take up to 1 months before to open first trade. It is much more profitable on long-term period with stable and proven perfomance.

And, of course, our main weakness is that we are not Robinhood in the crypto field yet, but we are aiming for this 😉

From alie_gatie : Community is the key for project , will you have local community like country manager or brand ambassador for each country ?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Yes, we have several funds and Influencers worldwide. I bet till the TGE we’ll have someone engaged to the project from every country which has internet 😃

From james_CARDR : Will your PNL token have burn mechanism ?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Here we should clarify what «burn» means.
Is it function in token’s code? No, we don’t have such thing.
Will token have deflationary economics? Yes, of course, it’s crypto and we love green price charts too =D.

From @alpianponi : I think that no matter how good a project is, it still has weaknesses, I don’t want to think negatively but try to find other possibilities that can happen. can you mention the tru pnl weaknesses and how you can complement those weaknesses?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) :Let’s not forget, that we’re at the very beggining of our journey.
In terms of robotrading, we have several flaws which prevent us from proposing cool high-frequency trading strategies. I’m not sure I need to deep dive into technical stuff because it’ll take to much time 😃

From @ludviij : whether the true P&L platform will only focus on robo trading, or in the future there are other features such as staking, swap, nft market and others. Is there something that will stand out on your platform in the future besides robo trading?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Yes, we do. Have you seen our roadmap (
Generally, we’ll trim the sails to the wind, who knows what hot technology could become a part of our ecosystem next?

From @diamanterusMarketing : Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

Slava Tiurdenev (COO True PnL) : Almost everytime when I meet my friends, expereinced engineers or businesman, they say «God, why is crypto so terrible? I had to spent hours to understand how LP/Tokens/NFT work». Really, why? Technology, especially blockchain, should help people and make them happy, not create pain 😉
This is what drives me to work hard on the project – desire to make such an outstanding blockchain world available for everyone.

Disclaimer : Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto. is not responsible for profits and losses arising from investment decisions.

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