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Utomarket Trading Event Winning Your Prize Trade and Get Bitcoin As Prize

Utomarket Trading Event Winning Your Prize Trade and Get Bitcoin As Prize

Affiliate Program Member Benefits
Trade Gift Cards and participate in sharing 2 BTC in two weeks

Activity time 

• How to participate in the event?

Users who have 5 new transactions with new friends and the minimum transaction volume of 5 BTC per week can participate to share 1 BTC per week for 2 weeks and a total of 2

  • Surprise to the promoter

    Invite new users to join the event, the first new transaction completed by the new user can automatically add the first transaction volume to the promoter, that is, the transaction volume of the promoter is: Promoter’s original transaction volume + invited friend’s first transaction volume.
    *Each new user can only surprise his/her promoter once.

  • How does it work?

    The participants’ rewards will be determined according to the number of new user transactions and the amount of weekly gift card transactions.
    Bitcoin reward per week = (Transaction number with new users * 30% / total transaction number with new users for the week + personal weekly transaction volume * 70% / all participants’ weekly transaction volume) * 1 btc

Terms of activity:

1.The activity will last for two weeks. 6.10-6.23, GMT+8
2.User A must trade with user B, C, D, E and F to be counted as 5 unique trades. If user A trades multiple times with user B, only the first trade will be counted.
3. This event is only available to gift card transactions.
4. False and duplicate transactions will not be counted. The number of transactions will be cleared automatically every week.
5. The event is based on the original referral activities, so both the promoter and the inviter must be C3 certified and comply with the privacy rules of the referral program.
6. New users: Users who did not have an account with Utomarket as at 2019.6.1
7. New user transaction: Refers to the first successful transaction of user A with user B, C, D, E or F.
8. The reward list will be published on telegram channel, and the reward of the first week(6.10-6.26) will be sent before 6.19, the reward of the second week (6.17-6.23) will be sent before 6.19, GMT+8.
9. All transaction amounts are calculated as completion time. For example, an order created at 11:59 pm on Sunday but completed at 1:00 am on next Monday. The transaction amount for this order will be calculated next Monday.
10.If the number of eligible people is less than 20, the total reward will be reduced by the corresponding proportion. For example, if there are 15 participants who meet the conditions, that is 15/20*1 BTC=0.75 BTC
11.If you have more questions, please contact telegram @louisa0419

* The final interpretation of the event is owned by Utomarket.

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