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Puma, Gutter Cat Gang, and LaMelo Ball Will Release NFT Sneakers Later This Month

Puma, Gutter Cat Gang, and LaMelo Ball Will Release NFT Sneakers Later This Month

Streetwear brand Web3 Gutter Cat Gang has teamed up with shoe retailer Puma and NBA player LaMelo Ball to release a sneaker-themed non-fungible token (NFT) collection. The GutterMelo MB.03 digital sneakers collection will open in the OpenSea NFT marketplace on June 29.

“This collaboration pushes the boundaries of innovation by empowering hoopers to express their unique style both in the field and online, while bringing mainstream awareness to web3 technologies and digital collections,” wrote the site, quoted from CoinDesk, Thursday (22/6/2023).

Interested buyers can register to buy on the Premint-allowed platform, although the site has claimed that there is over-allocation and not all buyers can score into collections.

Collectors on the early access clearance list can purchase the GutterMelo MB.03 sneakers for USD 175. Those on the early access waitlist will pay USD 195. The price will then increase to USD 215 for the public sale.

While fashion has found a new home in NFT, streetwear and sneakers have taken the lead in digital fashion.

In April, Nike announced its first digital sneaker collection via its Web3 Swoosh platform, whose sales surpassed USD 1 million despite delays due to technology issues. In the same month, Adidas released the first series of NFTs associated with the Into the Metaverse Web3 ecosystem.

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